Indyconcerts.comIf you have not been to, then you need to stop reading and go there right this moment. This is a current online magazine that I am writing for and consider myself a silent partner in. You can find anything from music news, upcoming concerts, album reviews, artist interviews, and all the current music scene in the Indianapolis area. I am a full time staff writer and have been getting my feet wet in the interview processes.

I just recently finished an interview with Dave Yaden. Dave is a piano player from LA and has played with guys like Josh Kelley, Keaton Simons, Curtis People, and the list really does just go on from there. Dave has been a good friend of mine for quite some time and it was nice to sit down and talk with him for a couple of hours for this interview. I also had the chance to review his most recent album titled Dave Yaden and speak on how his music speaks to me on a personal level. has given me a recent outlet for my writing that I have been missing for quite some time.

Not too long ago I was a full time staff writer for InTake Magazine. I actually assisted in starting the Blog Squad that was a weekly posting of opinions and current news in how it related to the Indianapolis area. When I first began that, however, I was able to write on any topic that I wanted. But through editor change after editor change I was slowly forced to write on topics that I was given and then had to have them reviewed and edited by someone higher up at the paper. It got to the point that by the time it hit the press I was not even having the same voice that I started with.

So having not been published for quite some time I am not able to reconnect with my audience and my writing. Being such an advocate in the music industry, not just here in the city of Indianapolis, but all over the country, I am glad to be writing about music. And there was no place better to begin than with my core group of friends in the industry.

So I began with Curtis Peoples and Dave Yaden. I will be in the next few weeks moving on to guys like South Jordan, Todd Beauchamp, Isaac Johnson, Todd Carey, Ernie Halter, and many many more. I try to package each interview with a CD review as well to give them as much exposure as I can.

But is more than just reviews and interviews. It is a hub to find everything there is to do in the Indianapolis area when it comes to live music. At any given time you can log on and see upcoming shows at every venue in the city. And with upcoming collaborations with the Indianapolis Songwriter’s Cafe and Birdy’s Bar & Grill you will be seeing more featured concerts, band banners, etc. on the site itself. We want to expand your mind to more than just editorial stuff. We want you to come to and have an experience.

So go check out today and let me know what you think. I just started this blog this afternoon and plan to be writing in it every day as not only a way to tell you stuff that is going on in my life as a web designer, but also as an artist, a music promoter and talent buyer, a graphic designer, a friend, and an individual. This will hopefully, assuming all comes out right when I type and I can force myself to do this every day, will become an almost obsession for you as you try to get a hint of who I am.