First Full Time Job: Web Designer

First Full Time Job: Web DesignerSo I am a web designer. I finally landed my first full time graphic design position. I have been here for about two months now (as of November 29th, 2008) and I could honestly not be happier.

I handle a lot of facets of the day to day web design process. I work with two other designers, Ryan Cook and Dan Secrest, and they are extremely talented and very knowledgeable about HTML, CSS, and SEO. It is an absolute pleasure working next to these two guys on a daily basis and I have so much to learn from them both.

I have been working with clients from all over the country. I just finished a logo and site design for an LPGA teaching pro named Alicia Dibos. I finished last week a site for GW Richardson. I am working on two golf course sites this week and will be finishing up a restaurant in Nebraska, and a site for a BBQ place down south. (Smell that smoke Braden, smell that smoke.)

I have never worked at a firm that I have been able to have so much creative freedom while at the same time held to a very high level of design standards. This was a big jump for me going from serving tables a few nights a week to working the whole 9-5 Monday-Friday thing. Coupling that with, serving on the weekends still at Pikk’s Tavern, and running Open Book Design LLC I am an extremely busy individual.

I am still in school, to boot, and I am just as involved in the music industry as I have ever been. Adding the fact that I am still doing a ton of work in the artist community and trying to be the best male bachelor on the market just makes my time for sleep quite impossible.

But I just wanted you to know where my professional career as a designer has begun. I love everyone in the office, I am allowed as much creative freedom as I can handle, and I have made some great friends there. If this is what the workforce is supposed to be like I couldn’t be happier.