Can You Use A Tissue Next Time Please

This image alone says a thousand words of gross. A research study was just completed to discover the number of people who are effected by a single sneeze. The results are staggering but there is one key element of this study that made me cringe.

When a person sneezes, on average, over 100,000 droplets of snot, mucus, and whatever else is up there, is released. Picture that. 100,000 droplets for every sneeze. Now, as you can see in the image most of these are never seen if any at all. They are tiny. I mean it’s not like you can count the droplets every time someone sneezes. But with high scan photography it has been able to be tested.

Now, besides the fact that 100,000 droplets are released every time someone sneezes there were other results to this study. For one, 10% of commuters (people who do not work from home) will come in contact with an area effected by that of one sneeze. Now, imagine you are in a busy airport, or the subway, or the mall and people are sneezing left and right. Can you imagine the risk that you are taking by even just walking around in public?

Think about this though. 58% of those who work from home compared to those who commute do not catch yearly colds, flues, or any other form of illness in the winter months when these diseases as passed around.

20% of people who commute are annoyed by people who sneeze. Not to include those who sneeze and do not cover their noses. Then add the 33% of people who are angered with those who do not cover their mouths when they cough. That is 53% of people who when you react to nature’s obvious ways of expulsion you piss off.

One last staggering result was 67% of people admit to going to work when feeling ill. You add 67% of sick people to the daily routine of commuting mixed with the results of sneezing 100,000 droplets it is no wonder what so ever that people get sick in waves. One sneeze effects ten people who then in turn sneeze to effect 10 more. It is a ripple effect and one that I am glad Vitamin C can help aid off.