Carry A Fart With you Everywhere You Go

The iPhone has been one of the best things every to happen to technology and cell phone carriers. Well, 1 cell phone carrier, anyway. And with the creation of this incredible technology it opened a door to software developers everywhere. Image the power to create open source applications for a web based cell phone and then be able to put them in a central location, charge whatever you want for them, and then sit back and let the money pour in from your code. And there are plenty of people out there doing it. With over 10,000 applications currently available in the iTunes Application Store (you can access these from both your iTunes account as well as on the phone) you can spend days just searching for the next big thing. If nothing else it will keep you busy during meetings or conference calls.

But there is one application that has caught on like wildfire. With some good, some bad, the fart application is an addiction to iPhone users. I actually just learned of this application yesterday when my good friend Jordan admitted to purchasing this application. I was confused and decided to do a little bit of research.

Now I could go around and explain what the application does, how it does it, and how you can download it, but I will save you all that chatter. This application is meant for one reason and one reason only. You can open the application and fart with your phone. Touch the screen to fart. And for $1.99 you can fart anywhere you want whenever you want.

People are making money on this. That is the kicker. This is not a free application. Someone sat down, coded out an application that you tap and it farts, and is rich. THe fart applications (not just one but the combination of them all) make an average of over $10,000 a month. This just reinstates the fact that I do not feel that we are in a recession if people can spend $10,000 a month on a digital whoppie cushion. Come on people, what is wrong with you? Spend your money on a useful application. I mean, have you downloaded bubble wrap? Yeah, that’s right, a page of virtual bubble wrap. Now that is an application worth buying.