How Much? An Arm? A Leg?

Oh the memories. Do you remember not only a few months ago in the middle of the summer when you pulled into the gas station because you were running on E for two weeks? You look up and try to find the cheapest gas in town. You finally fine a gas station that has gas under $4. You get so excited that you hope there is not a line waiting to fill up on these unorthodox low prices.

Well guess what? Times have changed. I was driving home just today and found gas for $1.53. I was shocked. And it made me think about the times that $40 would not even give me half a tank. But now they (do you ever have people say that? They say “they said” or “she told me” and you have no idea who they or she really is.) are saying that gas can drop below $1 again.

I remember the last time gas was below $1 a gallon. It was $0.94 a gallon at Casey’s General Store right by Wal-Mart. Just goes to show you where I am from is not what you would call “the city”. It was just before 9/11 and I was complaining when it finally went over $1 a gallon. Who knew that in just a few short years I would be excited to find it for less than $4 a gallon.

The reason that we can expect to see these numbers can be blamed on the job market. We are at a 34-year low for employment and it is not expected to get any better. Just think if the Big 3 auto makers go under. That is something that would push this country into a straight depression. But that is to be saved for another blog.

I am not complaining. I have a great job and I am making my last strides through school. I am this close (holds fingers close to together to show you how close I truly mean) to becoming one of those adults that everyone talks about. I mean, I am 25 and I am in the best position of my life to enter those next stages. And if you keep gas prices down that means that I can travel more, see more of the country, the world, and experience just that much more while I am young.

So the next time you fill up just say thank you to the lady behind the counter at Shell. She has absolutely nothing to do with the price of gas but it will make her day.