Featured Event

This past Saturday I had the pleasure of having my closing art reception at Gallery 7. There were just over 700 people that had the chance to see my art while enjoying an evening with recording artist and Broadway entertainer Sam Harris. I had the chance to sell some work (one of my favorite pieces actually titled ‘Streets of London’) and I got to meet quite a few people that were not only impressed with but enjoyed my artwork. It was a perfect end to my year as an artist.

Yesterday, however, I was flipping through the latest edition of Magazine when I stopped to read the featured artist exhibits for the week here in Indianapolis. When all of a sudden I was shocked to find my show was the second highest rated art show for the week.

My show, titled “I Like It. What is It?” was also featured in Nuvo Magazine last month following my October reception. I was told that the article, which I have still yet to read, was a wrap up of the work, my reception, and a personal recollection of the work in the show. From the two people that have read it the article was well versed and showed my art in high fashion.

I just find it so interesting that I can be featured in a magazine, one which I read quite frequently, and never know it.

If anyone has a copy of that please let me know because I want to read it. I love hearing what other people think and feel abut my work.