Now That's a Bagel

I eat bagels. I eat them nearly every morning. (Ignore the fact that yesterday I bought English muffins. They were lower in calorie intake (by twice as much to be exact) so I decided to be health conscience.) I eat them plain. I eat them warm, not toasted. I eat them just to give me something to kick start my day and to get in my belly. I will never eat a warm plain bagel again.

I am sitting at Panera Bread and I just purchased my first public bagel. This is a huge deal as I have never thought I would spend money on a bagel. Especially when the single bagel is the same price as a 6 pack at Marsh. And speaking of Marsh, I am staring at one right now.

Moving on. So I bought this bagel based on a recommendation from the young cashier. He said that the Cinnamon Crunch was one of the better ones. This is ironic because out of the 30 flavors of bagels the one I was thinking of getting anyway. So I took his advice and asked what spread he suggested to go on top of it. He said plain. Gross, but fine. Plain it is.

So I sit down, grab my tall cup of hazelnut coffee (and with Splenda this might be the best cup of coffee I have ever had) and sit to patiently await my fresh toasted and sliced bagel. (I am not certain but I think they charged for the slice. If that is the case I will be writing a letter to Mr. Bread.) A few moments later the same teenage cashier brings me my bagel. The presentation was not all that great, but it was the bagel that got me excited.

So I sit back, look around to make sure no one is watching me, and take a bite of my first public bagel. I take a few bites, give a swallow, and sit back to see what my taste buds were going to do. And they reacted alright. They threw a party of cinnamon celebration. This bagel might be the best thing ever created.

It might just be the amazing atmosphere, the free wi-fi, or the great selection of coffee, or the fact that I am the youngest person in here by thirty years, but I love this place. I have now selected, after trying out many different options, Panera Bread to be my second office. I can come here, grab a booth, plug my laptop in, and work my little web designer butt off. I can drink all the hazelnut they can make. And the coffee is free refills to boot.

So get to Panera Bread, buy a cinnamon crunch bagel, have it sliced and diced to your pleasure, and enjoy heaven in your mouth. This truly is an incredible concept.

OK, now look what happened. In the time it took me to write this my bagel got cold.