Talent Does Not Equal Sex Appeal

So this article has nothing to do with Matt and his ability to write music. This has nothing to do with his voice or the quality of his records. This has to do with how just the simple fact that you can pick up a guitar, strum a few notes, and sing a few lines can make you gorgeous, even hot to others. This is about his sex appeal, or lack there of (no offense Matt) and how others view artists.

This is not just about Matt. This idea was created due to Kim’s idea of how Matt looks without his shirt on and how much I disagree. Now, do not get me wrong. There is something sexy about the fact that by just standing on stage holding a guitar can change your look and persona. But, at the same time, not everyone that plays music is attractive. Case in point.

Matt Nathanson, who is a singer and a songwriter from Lexington, Massachusetts is best known for his 2008 hit “Come On Get Higher”. And while some will state that this song is about sexual innuendos, I disagree completely. We have come a long way as a society is concerned (and not always in a good way) but this song is defiantly not a sexual one. Matt is also known for, as funny as this might seem, from a cover of that same song done my the manly voices of Sugarland, the country music super group.

The reason why I bring up Matt (and OK, this article will be strictly about Matt and I am sorry for those of you out there that are Matt fans) is because of two reasons. Kim is the main reason but it gives me the ability to introduce my good friend Isaac Johnson. He is a singer and a songwriter from L.A. and has recently played some shows with Matt. Just an excuse maybe, but everyone say hello to Isaac. You will hear more about him later, don’t you worry.

So let’s go back and look at Matt’s photo up there. Go ahead, click on it. View that in its full sized glory. Now, before you start drooling (or screaming) Matt is married. So he is not on the market. But Matt is also not young. Matt is 36 years old ladies and gentlemen. Stop loosing sleep over his incredible hair. Some of that might be grey.

But, all things aside, being able to sing, play a guitar, and breathe at the same time does put an ounce of sexiness to you. I mean, the last time I picked up a guitar I broke three strings and the neck fell off. And all I was doing was passing it to my friend Jason. (That is a joke. This is similar to the time when you say things like “I looked in the mirror and it broke.” Do not take everything I say literal.)

I just hope that this has accomplished a few things. One, that it is late and I am scattered. Two, made Kim smile. And three, showed Matt fans that he is not attractive. Lay off, he’s married. He has a career. Just go sing along on Disney Radio and let him enjoy his years in retirement.