Techno: An Almost Nonexistent Notion

So it does not exist. In this incredible city of Indianapolis this scene for talented musicians that you have never heard before does not exist. But why? Why is there not a techno scene in the city of Indianapolis? We are big enough to handle that sort of music. We are diverse enough that we can appreciate that kind of music. And we are certainly risque enough that we can experience what this style can bring to a club, party, and rave situation.

I am a huge fan of techno. I love every form whether it be trace, dance, club beats, drum and bass, vocal and non vocal all the way to jungle beats and ambient sounds. So why does every club that I go into play nothing but rap music and whatever the “kids” are listening to?

Well, let me tell you a little bit about techno and dance music. Techno is a style that a lot of people confuse for bright lights, smoke, and 3 hour sets by a single DJ. Yeah, this style does allow for that style of music, but techno in itself is more closely related to dance music than you might think. And guess what, you listen to dance music every day. Here are some examples.

Have you heard anything off the new Britney Spears album? What about the new Madonna album? Maybe the new Seal album? What about the new Backstreet Boys album? Yeah, every single one of these has an immediate influence coming from techno beats. My short list does not even include Justin Timberlake, Timbaland, Nelly Furtado, and Shakira. They are all being swarmed with dance hits and fast beats for a reason. It’s good.

I listen to this style of music all the time. I listen to techo from a few radio stations from all over the world. iTunes radio is a gold mine for those that want to experience these styles. I would highly suggest Fusion Radio (Chicago), ABF Clubbin’ (Paris) and FutureRadio (Italy) if you want to hear these sounds. Everyone claims that Indianapolis is becoming the next Chicago. But we will not be the next anything if we do not branch out and experience a new style of music.

I think a lot of this has to do with Indiana (and the Midwest for that matter) and how jaded and in the closet we are.) We are afraid to try something new. We are afraid to listen to something that not everyone has heard before. I mean, why play a single from Lady Gaga in the club if you can hear the latest Lil’ Wayne track? We are scared. And that I am not sure is just an Indiana thing.

I spent the most of the summer in Europe and there was not a club, a bar, a restaurant, or a store that you could walk into that did not play this style of music in one form or another. Europe does a lot of things better than we do actually. They have better food. They have better shopping. They have better music. And they all live longer than we do. I am not saying their music choices effect how long they live but they have more fun in the clubs that we do here. But my question is just why?

I want to know your thoughts. I want to know why you personally think this style of music does not exist in the city of Indianapolis and the state of Indiana. I am curious to hear the thoughts from you all.