The Back Story

Every year I make a list. I make a pretty substantial and honest list. Of course, I make lists all the time. I make lists for what I need from the grocery store. I make lists for what I need to do that week. I make lists for what lists I have to make next. I sometimes make lists that have things I have already accomplished on them just so I can scratch them out to feel more productive. You could say I am a list maker at it’s finest.

But the last few years I have made some pretty important lists as well. And they always fall about this time of year. They have been posted, until now, on MySpace under their not so incredible blog service. But this year, since I am an official Blogger with the much nicer and more appreciated Google folks, I will be posting this year’s list here.

What is this all important and mighty high spoken of list all about? Well, there are two lists. The first one is a list of the top 5 albums that were released in that year. These albums come from males, females, groups, individuals, country, rap, rock, or whatever else you can record and put on a CD. You will not agree with this list. I don’t want you to. This list will not be anything remotely near the lists that you will read in Rolling Stone or any other music review. Good, they are too political for my taste anyway.

But this list is real. This list will have an album or three on it that you might have never thought you would let your ear drums hear. This list will make you laugh, cry, smile, and cuss under your breathe that I would have the audacity to list these in the top 5. But I ask one thing of you. Go out and listen to each one of these. Listen to the albums from start to finish. You are only allowed to switch between songs if you hear one that has been over played on the radio.

On this year’s list you will have more than likely have heard of all the bands. That is not uncommon as the bigger and better bands tend to shock me time and time again with their quality of writing (probably not their actual writing) and their abilities to put together award winning music.

The second list that I mentioned above is a similar list to the first. The second list will be the top ten albums that I have heard in that given year. The albums can appear on both lists, but sometimes do not to allow you to hear my thoughts on more music. The first list, of the top 5 albums, will include individual postings and a very detailed description of the album, individual songs, and what make the album deserve a spot on the list for me. The second list, however, will be a single post that will include a brief description of the band and a short break down of why I enjoyed it so much.

I just wanted to give you a back story as to what I am doing over the next week. This is not intended to be a quick set of posts. There is thought, love, lyrics, and dedication to the music industry inside each one of these posts. And I want your comments. I want to hear why you liked, disliked, and disagree with me on my list of what I truly feel are the best 5 albums of this year.