When I sat down to create this piece I knew exactly what I wanted to portray. Again, going back to the idea of modern day items such as a baseball or a radio, I wanted to establish my vision of something we use every day. We are either using them, replacing them, breaking them, or just simply ignoring them. But when I created ‘Zipper’ I wanted the image to relate just that in the final piece.

The colors I chose were simply for the fact that I love orange. I have been a big fan of red my whole life thanks to the wonderful 1993 Ferrari Testarosa that I will one day own. I then moved to a shade of pink that you can not really find anywhere. (Except for my umbrella. That is the pink I am talking about.)

I moved to creating the top half of the zipper. This being, again, an early piece in my collection, was one that I wanted to experiment with. So instead of going in a total abstract fashion I kept the top half easy to acknowledge. But when it was created I was bored. I wanted more. I wanted the zipper to look some what abstract. So I took the top half and flipped it over on its side. I played with some skewing and some gray areas around the orange and there you have.

While this piece and it’s story are not as in depth as some you will read, I still like for my audience to know where my visions come from.