A Friend is A Friend Indeed

So I just got out of the shower (get those images out of your head why don’t you) and I was sitting here trying to think of a blog topic to discuss. I have had some issues thinking of some topics to talk about as it was a pretty slow weekend in the news and personal world. Saturday, was of course, the big Indyconcerts.com Launch Party but I took Sunday to relax and besides some ground force action over in the Gaza strip there was not much to discuss.

I did, however, console in a good friend of mine, Mr. Evan Titus. (Do you guys remember that show that was on TV a long time ago? It was called Titus. The guy was a big car nut and was always working on older hot rods in his garage. I miss that show. Does anyone know what he is doing now?) I asked Evan what I should write about. He begins his thought process and states I need to discuss how the Colts, who have lost two straight times in the playoffs to the Chargers, lost due to simply being outplayed. Apparently (since I do not pay attention to pro sports) the Colts and their fans are blaming the coach and the defense. Who knew the Colts could blame their defense for a loss? I don’t watch football and I know they have one of the worst defenses in the league.

Then he began to state I need to speak on behalf of the new Pacers lineup. Again, seeing as how I am not a basketball fan in the least, I threw that idea out the window. However, I was not entirely upset with the conversation that Mr. Titus (not the TV star) and I had. We ended up making lunch plans for tomorrow. We also began to discuss a missing comrade from work that we miss dearly. That is a long story and I will not get into it now but instead of long locks Evan has to stare at an empty seat. I miss her too, Evan, I miss her too.

But then Evan stated I need to simply discuss how when in time of need I should just talk about how I reached out and was denied any sort of formidable efforts. I mean, I have been pretty loyal to this blog in the few short weeks that I have been writing in it. And sure, maybe I do not write every single day, but I want to. And just because I do not have the time (sorry Jolene) to just sit down and type my heart out I have a life outside of blogging. I know that might shock some of you but it’s true. I do have other obligations.

But I do want to quickly touch on one thing that Mr. Evan did say. (This reminds me of Mr. Manager. If you watch the show you know exactly what I am talking about.) Evan brought up the word friend. And that word has been one that I have been trying to figure out the true meaning of lately. What is a friend? Someone you can have dinner with? Someone that will come pick you up if you run out of gas? Someone that you can call at 3 in the morning when you just need a shoulder to cry on? Yes, a friend is all of these. And more.

To me a friend is someone that I can talk to. Someone that I can share thoughts, emotions, and concepts of trivia with. Someone that will listen to me and trust in me and expect the same in return when they are in need of the same thing. And this is something, like I said, that I have been thinking a lot about lately. I have lost quite a few friends in the last few months and it is something that I am not happy about. Something that I am sad to say I have had to go through. And something that I hope, even as hard as it might be right now, will be for the best in the end.

But when is enough enough? How much are we expected to take from someone before we just say forget it and move on? I feel that there are certain expectations that you must provide to someone as a friend. There is a certain level of kindness you should expect as well. If you have feelings directed toward something, say that he or she did wrong, and you confront them with it, you should expect open arms and ears. You should not get the cold shoulder and called a girl, baby, or any of the other profane words that I have been called in the last month. Sure, I have emotions, and I am the first to admit it. But just because I am a guy does not mean that I do not care about those close to me. A true friend should expect that and want that, not throw it back in my face when those feelings come to the surface.

Now I do not want you to sit there and be angry for me or feel sorry or bad for me. I am not writing this for that. I am writing this to give you an understanding of the word and to put the thought of the word friend into your mind. I would like to hear your thoughts on the word friend. I want to know what a friend means to you. I feel that we use that term loosely in today’s society and I wish that we didn’t take those for granted. Trust and friendship is a hard thing to earn but so easy to loose.

This is where I want to hear from you. What is a friend? Should I feel bad for opening up to those that are close to me? Should a friend support their like in the things they do? Should a friend expect the same in return?