An Investment Worth Every Bite

I am not a very good cook. I take that back. I could be a good cook. But I am just lazy. I have no patience for cooking. I have no drive to go to the store, pick out all the proper ingredients, come home, and make dinner. I mean, the only person that will be enjoying it is me anyway, right? So I choose to either eat out of make something quick and easy. And with the diet that I have been on going on a year now (I have lost just over 60 pounds on that diet by the way)I have very few things that I allow myself to eat.

So I dug through the cabinets one day thinking that I remember my mother giving me an old George Foreman Grill that we used to have when I was growing up. I dig deep into the cobwebs under the sink and I grab the old, stained, plastic fire hazard. So I take myself to the store and grab some beef (it’s what’s for dinner) and make myself a burger for dinner. I enjoyed it so much, and since it is a lean, mean, fat reducing machine, it is more on the healthy side. And speaking on that fat reducing machine. Have you ever made a burger on one of these? Yeah, it is disgusting the amount of fat that runs off just a single patty.

So I continue to use this grill for a matter of months. I was making burgers and chicken and turkey and anything else I could figure out how to grill three or four nights a week. Until last week when I get excited to making myself a juicy steak burger. I had purchased the meat, the frozen French fries (they were even seasoned) and got prepared to enjoy my evening in front of the TV and my cuisine. I take the Foreman out of the cabinet, set it on the table, and go to plug it in. As soon as I lift the lid to place the patties on the heated surface the top falls completely off. The top of the grill broke right off and I was left without anything to prepare my beef.

I toss the thing in the garbage and think that it was OK because I needed an new one anyway. I actually wanted a little bit bigger one any how so I figured perfect timing. So I begin to research who might have them and decide that Target might be my best bet. And all the while I had no idea what the cost of this machine would be. So I head to Marsh with my good friend Narissa and we begin our trek for the appliance isle. We find it and I see four different grills lined up from lowest priced to high. The cheap one, which was three times the size of the one I already had, was $34.99. This was more than I had wanted to pay. But I look at the final one in the row and it was $129.99. I laughed to myself thinking why would anyone spend that kind of money on an electric grill.

So I get upset, all the while she is on the phone, when I look to grab the $34.99 one. And guess what? They were out. So I kick my foot in the air in anger and begin to walk away to pout. When I glance up and see there are the smaller ones, very similar to the one that I have, for $19.99. I begin to jump for joy that I was going to one, get a grill this evening, and two, I was going to have one the same color, style, and similar size to my most recent model. I grabbed the box to take a gander at what it looked like and to my surprise I got a limited edition grill.

I am not sure that my day could have gotten any better. Mr. Foreman, your fat slimming beef cooking piece of plastic and I are new best friends. Thank you for the ability to eat quality food and not feel guilty about it. This is truly an investment that I can eat every bite of.