Another List & Another Babe

Here we go with another list. This time it is not necessarily an end of the year list but might as well be. Not like the list can change that often anyway. What we are talking about today are the hottest 100 women on the planet. This is a pretty substantial list and from the list of photos one that you might not want to show your kids. Or your wife for that matter. However, this list, after much attention paid and dedication spend on the ladies near the bottom and the top of the list you will never agree with what I have found. I don’t agree with the list.

I agree that about 98 of the women on this list are hot. I am not certain that I wouldn’t let all 100 of them take me out to dinner even. But the order of the list is quite skewed. The list stacks actors, models, sports stars, and just plain women I have never heard of. However, the woman that comes in at a very low number, 99, is a lady that I would love to see in the top 20 at least. I don’t know her name. (The article says but it is better if I do not know her name. It makes it easier on all of us.) I am talking about a lady that looks good in whatever shirt she puts on. She wears all kinds of shirts. I have seen her on the website. I have seen her in advertisements on Facebook and MySpace. I am talking about the Snorg Tees girl. And anyone out there that does not know what Snorg Tees is you need to stop reading this post and go there right now. You will spend hours laughing and buying.

The reason I am upset with this list doesn’t happen until we get closer to the end. First off, I won’t even touch (no pun intended) the girl that is sitting at number 1. I have never heard of her and she is not that attractive. I mean, yeah, she is hot. But look at the other girls on the list. No way she is the hottest.) Anyway, the girl that comes in at number 4 is someone I have spoken on before. Nothing too serious, but she is a woman that is making a mockery of the music industry. She can’t sing. Her lyrics are crap. She has released the same album twice. She has played every awards show from the Grammy’s to the CMA’s. I am talking about Taylor Swift.

She is rated as the 4th hottest woman (and can 17 year old girls be considered women?) in the world. I mean, holy crap is that the biggest load of garbage I have heard all day? She is not hot to begin with. Let alone the 4th hottest in the world. Someone please go look through this list and agree with me here. Josh, I know you got some agreement genes in your body. 4th place? Really?

This just goes to show, and prove the old adage, “to each his own.” Enjoy the list. Take your time and realize that these woman are in a lot more TV shows, movies, and magazines than you realize. Just pick up a Maxim and you will catch about half the list in one issue. But give some props to the Snorg Tees girl. I am proud of you you shirt wearing God gifted t-shirt supporter.