Artist Interview: 1-on-1 with Eisley

I am sitting today with a band that I was first introduced to by a good friend of mine, Mr. Tyler Burgardt. You might remember Tyler as the acoustic act at the Launch Party or in his interview with under the stage name Jovian Mons. He saw these guys (and girls I should say) at a show long before I had ever heard of them and was blown away. And when I began listening to them I was too. Mixing a professional sound, a polished image, and experienced lyrics Eisley brings the whole package to your iPod. Sit with me today as I speak with the members of Eisley.

Is it just me or are you guys all related?

We are, but only because we we’re all cloned by the same scientist, Dr. Flogginstein.

You guys have been around for more than ten years. What is your motivation?

Our love of music. When you love something and discover you are somehow able to create it too, I don’t think anything can ever stop you. It becomes a part of who you are and if you don’t do it you become incomplete.

What keeps you going?


Who is the ring leader of the group?

It depends on what needs to be led, really. Everyone has their own role in the band. Everyone weighs in on the musical/creative aspect. When it comes to getting everyone to stop goofing off or when we’re supposed to be doing something important, I (Sherri) am usually the one who takes on that role, mostly because I can yell the loudest. (Laughs)

Who does most of the writing?

Stacy and I share that responsibility equally. We’ll write somewhere between 35 to 40 songs between us before a record and pick the best ones with the rest of the band, the label, management, pets and the occasional hobo walking by on the street.

Is it true? Is everything really bigger in Texas?

Yeah, we can never get used to it; when we go on tour and cross over into to a new state, It’s like “Wow, look at all these cute doll buildings and miniature human replicas” and then we realize it’s just Arizona or something.

What is like being from Tyler?

It’s like this. “What do ya’ll want to do?” “I dunno, what you wanna do?” “Go to Starbucks?” “Yeah, I guess” “Crap, I don’t have any money.” “Shoot, me neither.” “Wanna just go and sit there?” “Sure.” “My life sucks.” Just kidding. It’s kind of like living in an episode of The Gilmore Girls except without all the fast paced talking because everyone’s too bored to think that quick. We love it though. We grew up here, so it will always be “Home Sweet Home”.

Where do you guys practice?

Practice? Is that like those little break sticks that come with the cheese dip? Just kidding. We’ve been rehearsing (when we actually do) as of late, in the studio where we’re about to track our third album at Rosewood Studio here in Tyler.

You guys have toured with a lot of big acts. Who was your favorite?

I think no matter how many bands we ever tour with we’re always going to have to say Coldplay, because we freaking love that band and I don’t even know why they let us do the tour, but it was our first tour and so fun so It will always have the most meaning to me.

What is the largest crowd you have ever played for?

I’m thinking perhaps the V-Fest in the U.K. It looked like people for miles. So, it was because The Cardigans and Coldplay we’re after us. So, so what?

The smallest?

Definitely a show somewhere on South Padre Island. One of our first shows ever. We played for the opening band and vise versa. It was literally the low point of our career. The fluorescent lights buzzing over our heads as the other band (made up of men and women in their late 30’s) looked on from the row of folding chairs. Arms crossed, faces blank, as their feet sweated in their Trecker sandals.

Your dad is your manager. Does it help or hurt having the whole family involved?

It helps. Who is going to watch your back better than your own flesh and blood? I make sound like we’re in the Mafia or something.

Your image matches your sound to perfection. Did that come first or with the music?

The two are essentially one in the same. Not to sound barfy or cliche’ but if you’re creating something; it’s basically a reflection of yourself. We don’t try to come off a certain way, nor do we try to write music a certain way. It’s just ourselves, being ourselves, writing our music, ourselves.

You guys have had a ton of media coverage. What has been the coolest piece of media coverage you have received?

I’d have to go with being on the Conan O’Brien show. We’ve always been huge fans of his show and his sense of humor so we we were super excited (and super nervous) the night we performed. All I remember thinking was “Ohmygosh, I want a redo”. I was so nervous I could hardly sing.

What is Conan like?

Tall as a redwood tree.

Tell me what it is like being on a major label.

It’s both wonderful and frustrating just like any relationship. It’s a partnership and you sometimes get on each others nerves but you also love each other and help each other. Someone once told us “Love your label”, and it’s true. You have to respect them and they’ll respect you.

If you could tour with any one band in the market right now who would it be?

Say Anything! (we love their music, and also, I’m engaged to Max. It’s a win win situation).

If you could meet anyone alive or dead who would it be and why?

My answer to this question is and will forever be (unless I actually meet the guy, not likely) Sir Paul McCartney. He’s basically been the leader of my musical inspiration and songwriting since I picked up a guitar and started teaching myself Beatles songs. Stacy has always been more of a Lennon girl but me? A Paul girl through and through.

Who does your graphic design?

Dad. Pops. Foffee. Dad-dad-daddy-o. Call him what you will. It’s Boyd DuPree, the father of me. The father of us, and not Garron.

When should we expect the third record?

We start recording in March so this year even late Summer or early Fall hopefully!

Let’s play word association. What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you read these three words? Go.

Blanket: My brother (and drummer) Weston had a “blankie” growing up that he called “Robey” (as it was made from someone’s old robe). I think he still has a shred of it hanging in his room. It’s satin and turquoise. Don’t ask me why I thought of that.
Panic: “… At the Disco”.
Roller coa
: “Me first”

Where do you see yourself in five years?

Still rockin’, still rollin’. Hopefully with a little more pocket change so that we can do it for another 25 years.

What do you want to be remembered for when this is all over?

When I look at people like Paul McCartney and James Taylor, they’re so inspiration because they don’t have to write music anymore, but they still do because they love it more than anything. And they’re still making music that is inspiring kids our age. I hope we can be that band for some people.

What are you drinking on stage?

Water. Are you kidding’ me?

We are ordering pizza. What toppings?

You can’t go wrong with a classic piece of pepperoni but I’m extremely partial to pineapple and Canadian bacon. I know Stacy likes just cheese or veggie, Weston’s favorite is chicken and broccoli. Chauntelle and Garron I’m not sure about. We’re all of the mind that any pizza is good pizza.

Let’s do lunch. How does Panera sound?

Sounds like I’m ordering the Turkey Artichoke Panini.

I want soup? Do I upgrade to the bread bowl for a $1 more?

If you’re not getting the sandwich, why not?

I always let the artist get the last word. Go.