Artist Interview: 1-on-1 with Josh Damigo

I am sitting here with an incredible talent. His voice matches that of any modern day super star. His guitar skills are tremendous. And when you mix that with almost genius songwriting you are just in store for an incredible artist. Josh Damigo, from San Diego, California, is sitting with me here today. Sit with me today as I introduce you to an incredible talent that does not come around very often.

How long have you been playing the guitar?

A little less than 10 years now. Wow…I probably need to practice more.

When did you realize that music was going to be your career choice?

After I blew out my knee in college.

How many tattoos do you have?

2 tattoos. I’m gonna get my sleeve after my brother finishes his apprenticeship.

When did you get your first one?

It was actually pretty random. My brother was home from deployment and said, “You wanna get a tattoo? I’m paying.” And we drove down and I got it that day. Never really wanted one. Now I’m addicted.

What is it like being from one of the nicest cities in the world?

You think San Jose is one of the nicest cities in the world? It’s all yours brother. I love living in San Diego, but I’m over the cost.

Do you surf?

I haven’t surfed since my knee injury. But when I get better I’ll be all over that again.

Tell me about your Boston Red Sox obsession.

Born in Maine and my pops bred me to be one until we moved to California when I was 5. I just kinda got stuck with it after that.

Why not the Cubs?

I like the Cubs, mostly cause I’m a fan of underdogs. But really? The National League? Gag me.

Where does your inspiration come from when you sit down to write a new song?

I usually tell stories. It will either be a personal experience or something I want to tell someone but don’t really have the cajones to say it to their face.

Have you written with anyone other than yourself?

Rob Deez, the Acoustic Rhyme Master Extraordinaire, (and my roommate) and Allegra Barley. Both of them are great musicians here in San Diego. I’ve been trying to write more with friends but I think a lot of people here in California are under a “lone wolf” mindset.

What is the biggest crowd you have played for?

Opened for Jonas Brothers at the Fair, and I had a pretty big show with Josh Gracin at Barona Casino. I also opened for Jason Mraz in Santa Barbara and that one was pretty packed.

The smallest?

(Laughs) Dude, I’ve had so many shows where it was just me and the Barista or me and a sound man. Growing pains.

What did you have for dinner last night?

Chicken Nuggets. I’m on a happy meal diet. I figured I could cut calories by eating a 6 Piece with the apples and apple juice. Plus I get a free toy.

PC or Mac?

I just got a mac this last year. I think it’s a must have for musicians.

If you could be any one cartoon character who would you choose?

Dude, good question. Either Captain Planet or Raphael from the Ninja Turtles.

Lets say you are headlining at the Madison Square Garden. Who is opening up for you?

Edwin Mccain or Shawn Mullins.

What is your all time favorite venue?

Lestats in San Diego. I’ve played there once a month for the last two years. There’s no place like home. The Mint in L.A. is a close second. The staff is really awesome and the shows have always been good.

Where can I get a copy of you acoustic album Pocket Change?

iTunes and CD Baby. My new Album “Raw” will be released in March or April.

You put a lot of pride in being real in your music. Do albums like Kanye Wests latest chart topper upset you that it was all done with computers?

No. He’s doing his thing. I like things real, personally, and my favorite music is just a couple dudes with guitars. But you can’t hate on someone for doing their style of music. Plus he’s great at sampling and his rhymes are legit. I’d play with him for sure.

I hear you are hitting the road this year. Coming to Indianapolis I hope?

Dude, you know I’m always down. My big goals this year are to build my fan base and get to a point that I can afford to get that far. I’m hoping my new album will help.

Who are you planning on taking with you on tour?

I’ve talked to a few people. One is my boy Aaron Bowen. I’ve played a few shows with Shawn Mayer from Nashville Star, and another girl named Sara Haze, who I think will blow up in the next couple years.

Lets play word association. What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you read these three words. Go.

Electric fence: Ouch…That sucks
Bubble gum: Stuck in someone’s hair
Tennis ball: Makes a great baseball for guys who can’t swing well

You have a new image that I am not used to. Cowboy boots?

Ya buddy. I’m actually a huge fan of country music. I bought a pair of Ariat’s last year when I made the top 30 for Nashville Star. They are the most comfortable shoes I own. Don’t hate.

You have shared the stage with some pretty big names. What was the most memorable experience?

Josh Gracin tried to get me drunk. That was pretty funny. My band are all marines and they almost got in a fight with a few guys from Justin Nozuka’s band. Well, It wouldn’t be a fight. More of a massacre. Those guys are nuts. I think it’s all good now though.

If you could meet anyone alive or dead who would it be and why?

Kristen Kreuk. she’s my dream girl.

Pepsi or Coke?

Doo doo doo doo always Coca-cola.

I always let the artist get the last word. Go.

Wonderful. I just want everyone to quit being shy and say hi to me on Facebook or MySpace. I want to get to know people so I have a reason to travel to other cities. Check for my new album in March or April, and say no to drugs.