Artist Interview: 1-on-1 with Malbec

I am sitting here with a band that if you have not heard of shame on you. Malbec, from L.A., comes to the scene with an image, a sound, and a feel that is hard to surpass. Malbec mixes industry standard lyrics, intense sounds behind genius vocals, and a common ground of passion in their purpose, and a determination to getting to where they deserve to be. Sit with me today as I introduce you to an un unstoppable force in Malbec.
How did you guys all meet?

Pablo and I met each other studying classical guitar at Indiana University. I decided to move back to California (my home state) at the same time Pablo was moving to L.A. to pursue a songwriting career. He was living in L.A. and I was up in the bay area. We started writing together and at the same time he was introduced to Sid through a mutual friend in L.A. They started writing together and worked on adding electronic beats and synths to a some acoustic songs Pablo had been recording. When I heard what they were doing together I decided to move down to Southern California. Sam and Pablo were also friends from Indiana and she moved out to play bass in the band. Mark was introduced to us by another friend of ours. He was moving out to L.A. to go to film school but we kidnapped him!

When did you guys realize that music was something you wanted to pursue?

As a band, since its inception. From the moment we started we have had the same determination and drive.

Who is the ring leader of the group?

We don’t have a ring leader persay however we definately have different roles. However I would say Pablo since he is the life of the party. We call it Pablo Mania!

So why L.A.?

Why did we all move here? I guess that’s just how the fates conspired.

What is like living in L.A. being in such a competitive industry?

It can be very very difficult but also vitally important to our success. Pressure like that can force you to work harder than you ever have and challenge you to find who you really are as a band and as individuals. There is always someone telling you what you need to do or not do, or sound like or not sound like. At the end of the day you have to learn to be clear and focused on your musical direction.

Is MySpace good or bad for musicians?

Great! It allows for social networking as well as convenient way to keep up to date with your fans.

Where did you guys come up with the name Malbec?

Truthfully we were having a difficult time coming up with a name. I mean we tried hundreds of names with nothing we could agree on. Pablo had just gotten back from Argentina at the time and suggested the name Malbec, the “national” wine of Argentina. His cousin owns a Bodega down there. We felt it not only sounded cool but also represented a part of some of the members heritage. Pablo’s parents are from Argentina as well as part of Sam’s family.

Do you drink Malbec wine?

Definitely. Pablo more than the rest of us. Coincidentally we found out the term “Malbec mouth” refers to the purple shade ones teeth turns when drinking wine.

Any tattoos in the band?

Actually quite a few. I won’t say all but I will name some of the highlights. Sam has a very large Hebrew tattoo on her lower back. Sid has a lightning bolt on his outer for arm and Mark has a plaid duck on his butt cheek!

Who has the most?


Your image matches your sound very nicely. Did that come before or after the music?

I guess that has always been a work in progress. The longer we do it the more comfortable we have with our sound and our image. It’s so important to be creative as you can and always challenge each other but also be yourself.

Who writes all the lyrics?

Pablo. The answering machine was both Pablo and I.

Where are you all from?

Pablo is from Detroit, Sid from Los Angeles, Sam is from Indianapolis, Mark is from Orlando and I am from Oakland.

Who did your logo?

Windigo International.

Did you pay them a lot because that is a damn near perfect branding.

They actually did our very first merchandise line and that was part of the design. It worked perfectly. Amazing amazing designers and even better people.

Is the rumor mill true? You did a song for Fruit of the Loom?

We, as Malbec, did not write that song but Pablo did sing the song. It’s called Blue written by the Wojan brothers.

You guys don’t pick on Sam too much do you?

No. She is the self described frat mom so she keeps us more in line than we do pick on her!

Who filmed that awesome music video on your MySpace page?

All of our videos are filmed and edited by Mark. We are so lucky to have him as both a musician and as a pure creative talent.

So I think Dawn of Our Age might be the best song you ever write. Who is responsible for that?

That song was actually a beat that Sid had written. Just an A and B section. I was fooling around in the studio and wrote a couple of weird guitar parts that worked really well with Sid’s syths. Pablo wrote some melodies and lyrics and it all just kinda came together. This is a very common way that we write.

What are you drinking on stage?

Water. Always water

What is the largest crowd you have ever played for?

Opening for One Republic at the House of Blues in LA. There were 2,500 there.

The smallest?

1 or 2 people.

Any chance we will see you in town this year?

Definitely! We love coming back to Indy and the greater Midwest. Best fans for sure!

What are the plans for a tour?

Currently we are releasing 5 EPS over 5 months. Called the Answering Machine EPS. It started December 1st and will continue till April. They are free to download off our website at malbectheband. com. They are being written as we go so we are currently very busy. After we finish the plan is to spend the rest of the year touring.

You are about to order pizza. Thick of thin crust? Sausage or pepperoni?

Thin with bacon.

Where do you see yourselves in five years?

Hopefully putting out music that is still releavent and fresh.

What do you want to be remembered for when this is all said and done?

A band that did it our way. A band that always made great music and was never genre specific.

I always let the artist get the last word. Go.

Thanks for taking the time to reach out to us. Come download all the new stuff at malbectheband. com