Dexter Marries His Sister

Meet Dexter. Dexter is a blood spatter expert for the Miami Dade police department. He spends his days researching crime scenes and trying to catch criminals based on his findings of how the blood was thrown about a room. It is not a job for the faint of heart and one that I am not sure very many peopel would be able to do. But it does create some interested stories and some potential art projects for the creative minds out there.

Dexter also, for those of you that do not watch the television show, is a serial killer. Now, hold on, before you get all up in arms about it. Not saying that he is right in what he does by killing these people. Especially the way he kills them. It is a premeditated and organized kill. He knows who, when, and where he is killing the person days, maybe even weeks, before the actual murder takes place. He then takes the bodies, after he chops them into a few pieces that are small enough to fit into some garbage bags, and drops them in a cove just off the Miami shore. Pretty clever, mind you, that he has killed who knows how many people and is still an employee of the police department.

But the ones he kills are ones that should be right where he is; in jail. He seeks out people that have murdered, raped, and tortured and uses his excuse of killing them as a lesson for what they have done. Some say he is a better person for this, some say he is a monster. (These people that say this are others that I know that watch the show. Not actual people. This is TV. It is fake.) I have to say he is a two faced heartless individual that dresses for success and the cover of GQ. He has pretty nice hair too.

But the reason for this post is something I found funny. Michael C. Hall (this is Dexter’s real name) recently got married. And for those of you who were viewers of 6 Feet Under you might remember that he played an openly gay funeral director in that series. But he did not marry a man this time around. He married his sister.

Well, not his actual sister. But the lady that plays his sister on Dexter. Jennifer Carpenter plays the loud mouth struggling for success detective that is trying to use crush anyone in her way to the top. She is making a pretty good run at it too, with Dexter by her side giving her advice.

The two will be making an appearance together at the Golden Globes this upcoming Sunday. The two eloped on New Year’s Eve in California.

Nothing like getting married to your sister to kick off your new year.