Examples of a Great President

As we begin our final days with president George Bush leading the way some people have taken the time to take a step back and look at what makes Bush such a great leader. We will always remember the small things like when he was told of the attacks of 9/11 or when he was sitting in the oval office giving his speeches. He was 8 years of what most called the worst 8 of our lifetimes, maybe the history of the United States. But I tend to disagree. I feel that his reign was good leading to the decision to move into Iraq and spend trillions of dollars on a war that most of the people fighting are not even sure why they are there.

But I came across a video listed above that made me laugh quite a few times. You always hear people getting up in arms about the way he speaks in public. The mess ups that always seem to be caught on camera. They actually have decided to name these grammatical errors “Bushisms”. CNN, the video that is above, has provided a collection of their favorite quotes.

For instance when he gets to talking about Google he calls them “the Google” as opposed to simply Google. Now, this is funny because I work in an industry that uses Google every single day. And I have never once called it the Google. But think about where he is coming from for a moment. He is a Texas farm boy oil man that might not have the highest level of computer training. He probably does not get the chance to sit down at a desk and just surf the web. Now I am not trying to defend him by any means but cut the guy some slack. He knows it’s not called the Google, but what does he care?

I liked the part where he makes fun of himself. The guy knows he is not the best public speaker in the world. And I do not feel that the president needs to be the best public speaker. I mean, sure, you need to have some sort of training in that seeing has how you have to speak to the entire nation hundreds of times during your presidency, but we are not looking for a novelist here by any means. And the thing about his speeches and his presentations is that he doesn’t even write them. He just gets up there and speaks what is on the paper in front of his face.

What boggles my mind even further is that there are people out there that their job is to track the number of times that his so called language barrier came up in the media and in publication. I wonder how much they make an hour to do that?

The one that makes me laugh even more is the term miunderestimate. This is obviously not a word. But he used it quite frequently. I mean, I guess being the highest office of power in the United States, perhaps the world, allows you the ability to make up words. I mean, I make up words all the time. I just right click and add them to my dictionary when I type them so I feel smart when I use them in a sentence.

But the thing that makes me laugh more than any of this is that we get so caught up in the words he says and how he pronounces them when we need to be worried why gas prices have gone up nearly a dollar in the last three weeks. We need to be worried why we are still in Iraq and there seems to be no end in site for that. We need to realize that there was a second bailout, this one for $350 billion, passed just this week and why we never saw any of the first $750 billion that was passed. We are more caught up on the way he speaks than the actions he takes behind that desk.

If you pay an ounce of attention to him he laughs when he realizes that he makes a mistake. He knows he is not the most linguistic person on the planet, but he has the personality to shrug it off and move on. So do the same. Laugh with him, not at him. And if you want to see more of these infamous Bushisms you can just log onto the Google and search away.