Launch Party

Last night the online blog (or magazine as I like to call it) held its official launch party. This was an event that we have been planning for over two months and have put a lot of time and efforts into. It was a concert that was held at Birdy’s Bar & Grille in Indianapolis and featured 5 incredible regional bands all coming together on one stage. Featuring drink specials by UV Vodka and PBR, who were sponsors of the event, and matching that with hosts from and Radio Now 100.9 we were planning on throwing what Magazine stated as the premiere party of the new year. And besides the fact that the Colts first playoff game started at 8:00PM we still managed to put on quite an incredible show.

The night started with solo acoustic singer songwriter Jovian Mons. He began with some upbeat tracks and played a few guitar solos throwing in some cheers for the boys in blue playing on the two huge projects beside him. He kicked the night off by getting some people up and dancing and the idea of live music in every one’s ears. Every time that Jovian plays he does nothing but astonish me and those around him. And for a guy that does not consider music a full time career he should.

After Jovian came the Sinclair Wheeler Project. Sinclair has his own style, his own beat, his own world while he is on stage. He began playing solo with recording some beat boxing into loops and then smashing an acoustic guitar over it. I had never seen anything like this and I can not wait to see it again. He then brought his trio on to the stage and played a much more polished version of what he was playing solo. He then moved to some solo rapping and spoken word and threw some Hendrix and Stevie Ray Vaughn covers in there. He had the entire crowd up dancing, singing, and moving their feet. Sinclair is not just a musician, he is a true entertainer. He enjoys his time on stage and it is evident when he is playing.

After him came The Last Good Year. These guys are a group of hard rockers mixing a polished image and pure professional sound and industry standard lyrics. They kept your feet tapping and your ears bleeding as they just melted faces for a good hour set. They sang all their major tracks from their current album, which is one of the best albums I have heard in a long time to boot, and just continue to impress me with everything they do.

From there we moved to Stereo Deluxe who is a pop sound mixed with a rock and roll base line. They belong on Warped Tour with their Fall Out Boy image and their jump around attitude. And speaking of jump around attitude the lead singer took a big fall into the drum kit toward the end of their set. But like the true rock stars that they are he got up, dusted himself off, and continued the set. They had not played Birdy’s in quite time and it was nice to be able to throw them on the list for the first event.

To wrap up the evening was 40% Steve. True Bloomington blood and rock in their souls they played covers ranging from Ram Jam to Pearl Jam. Their lead singer has a way with the microphone and mixed with a set of guys behind him he just simply feels the energy from the crowd and the talent backing him to always put on an incredible show. The guys actually played this show for free as they gave all their tickets away. And according to their lead singer all they wanted to do was play. That is exactly what we like to hear. They are in it for the right reasons.

At the end of the night we could not have asked for a better show. We could not have asked for a better event and a better set of musicians to work with. There was absolutely nothing we could have wanted and we expected nothing more than exactly what we got. I could not be happier.

And this event could not have been done without the pure efforts of all those involved. I want to end by thanking Jovian Mons, Sinclair Wheeler, The Last Good Year, Stereo Deluxe, 40% Steve, Jon Payne, Don Wethington, Jenna Bernott, Rob Gough, Barrett Young, Jeff Sample, Magazine, UV Vodka, PBR, Monarch Beverage, Mike and Sue, the sound guy (I wish I could remember his name) and all of those involved that I have forgotten to mention. It truly was an incredible way to start the launch of and I have higher hopes for the next event come this spring.