Apple Introduces Revolutionary Laptop: MacBook Wheel

Apple Introduces Revolutionary Laptop: MacBook WheelI love I love it so much I have it saved in my favorites on my desktop at home. I have it saved on my personal laptop. I have it saved on my work laptop. I even have the iPhone application on my phone. I love it like my own child. (I will go on record and say what Digg means to me has got to be similar to what a child means to a parent. Something you care for, pay attention to, nourish with kind words of endearment and caress with your tender mouse pointer. Yeah, that is what childhood is all about. The mouse pointer caressing.)

So I have my routine at work. I get there about an hour before I am supposed to even show up. I say hello to those in the office that early (this varies morning to morning) and I throw my items on my desk. I then move to the restroom to wash out my stained coffee mug and make my way to the office kitchen. I grab a bag of bagels (that should be the name of a rap band don’t you think) and throw one in the toaster. Then it’s off to the coffee maker. It is a Keurig coffee maker for those of you in the know. I hike my way back to the kitchen to slather on some cream cheese and then back to my desk for some enjoyment of carbohydrates to jump start my morning. But before I dig into the code and colors of my work load I take a gander at what I have missed on Digg from the night before. (I can not believe that Windows does not recognize Digg as a properly spelled word. I am going to add that to my online dictionary right now. Please hold.)

This morning I was searching on Digg and I saw some notes from the latest Mac conference. There were things stated that were claiming the new MacBook Wheel as the next big thing. So I clicked to watch a video describing what this new piece of technology was. And I was blown away. I watched as the new laptop confused and surprised users. I was so enlightened until I heard the price tag and saw the battery life. And that is where I began to get a little fishy. Then the news story, which you can view by clicking on the Onion logo above, got a little entertaining. There were snide comments and rude jokes mixed with a little puzzle murder humor at the end. Watch; you will laugh.

So I pass this around my office today and begin to think this thing might be just too good to be true. I mean, has Apple really reached to the edge of the earth and pulled in the first keyboard free laptop? They have done some crazy things in the past. What is to say they wouldn’t go this far?

It took until about 3PM today before someone mentioned to me this was on The Onion network. I have heard bits and pieces over the last few years on the Onion but was unsure of what it was. Family Guy even makes fun of it in one of their many hilarious episodes. But I was told that the Onion is fake. I did not believe this crazy talk until Mr. Ryan Cook seconded that motion. Then it all made sense why they stated the battery life to be only 19 minutes long. But the video does a very good job of selling you on that lap top.

But the funny thing was Braden, a project manager at my office, believed this laptop was real. We even got into a discussion on how they could develop software for the lap top that was a virtual DJ booth and sound generator. And I had even convinced myself that within a few weeks of using this we would be typing just as fast as we do on a computer. Talk about a new case of carpel tunnel.

But later in the day when I finally understood this computer might not be real I messaged Braden to tell him I would be ordering one as soon as they went on sale. He laughed and asked if I was serious. And to this moment right now he still thinks I am on the wait list for the pre-orders at the Apple store here in Indianapolis. Shh, don’t tell him. It will be more funny this way.

So watch the video and tell me you are not sold half way through that this is an awesome concept. Sure, the typing will never get accomplished and it would take you twice the time to do anything productive, but how cool would that look sitting on your desk. (I like the very last line of the video, myself.)

MacBook Wheel; here I come.