Naked Midgets, Modern Day Darth Vader, & 3D Bloodhsed

I figured that would get your attention. Talk about your typical Saturday night. This past Saturday I was looking for something to do. I was searching through my Urban Spoon treasure chest of restaurants for dinner. I was checking Metro Mix for all the current clubs and DJs spinning around the city. And I was pursuing through my phone book to see if there were any house parties to partake in. When it hit me. I had been invited to see My Bloody Valentine in 3D. And when I was invited I had not even heard of this movie.

My dad was coming on in the early afternoon to celebrate Christmas with me and my still standing tree. He showed up around 2 and we chatted a bit. We then went to see about getting my breaks checked. Shortly there after we opened gifts and chatted some more. (By the way I got some killer headphones, a new high end router, some Tiger Woods stuff, and a pink sweater. Oh, and a cologne that I had wanted from over a year ago!.) And then we headed out to dinner at the Kona Grill. Who can go wrong with some snow covered streets and raw fish?

After that I met Sheryl for dinner and a movie. Seeing as how I had just had dinner and she wanted to go to McAlister’s (I have still not yet eaten there). So I had one of their famous iced tea’s that according to their billboards is made by professionals. And the tea was good, but it was not made by the pros. It was made by a high school teenager that would rather text than work.

So shortly after we went and stood in the longest line I have ever waited for to get tickets to a movie. I really wanted there to be a roller coaster at the end that is how long this long was. But we waited and I had a good conversation with the lady in front of us. Of course she was not really all that interested in talking to me. But how else am I going to make friends?

We finally get our tickets and our bad ass 3D glasses (which after the movie I refused to recycle in hopes of benefiting from 3D watching in the future) and headed to the theater. We wait in line for 17 minutes (and yes, it was 17 minutes to a T. The sign said so) and got inside to get our seats. Then it was time for bathroom breaks and coffee purchases. It was a much needed bathroom break too after 3 of those incredible liquid sugar drinks.

Then the lights dim and a message from the movie company comes on telling you to put on your 3D glasses. We all do so and get ready for an incredible two hours. And having seen nothing but the 2D version of this preview I had no idea what to expect. I did get a little excited when I heard that the town this was filmed in is called Harmony and it is a coal mining town. Yeah, if you didn’t know I am from a coal mining town called Harmony. Weird, right?

The movie gets going and I am immediately intrigued by what the next two hours will hold. But do not read this post to discuss the contents of the movie because I honestly feel you need to go see it yourself to get any sort of grasp on the movie and it’s stereotypical plot. Yes, it is not anything outside your normal scary movie. But the 3D makes every single ounce of the film worth it.

The things that you see in the movie in 3D must be a brain child of a cast of writers that sat in a room when pre planning this film and said, “So, what is every single thing we can throw into the audience from the screen that you would expect to see in 3D?” That is exactly what they did. You have headlights, fire, guns, pick axes, rocks, naked women, midgets, tree limbs, and the list really does go on. And the movie comes so close to the edge of simply going overboard and outlandish with the number of items they throw at you through the screen.

But the movie is cliche in every sense of the word. It is also extremely typical of a script. But it is worth every penny. I loved the 3D work and I really hope they get an award for their creativity in the way they fit this story line with the 3D.

Go see it. And when you do stay through the credits. Trust me.