Surprise: Click on Me

I have been writing for a little over a month now. And when I started I had no idea that it was going to turn into what it has. I had no idea that one I would continue to have things to write about or that two that I would have the desire to keep writing. But I have found a few things since I began writing. One, I have begun to create fan base. This is similar to the recent discovery of Twitter and the fan base I am creating on there. Now, Josh Corken is a good friend who has taught me a little bit about creating that fan base. He has been blogging much longer than me but he has the same thoughts, the same ideas, and the same end result in his mind.

But to me this blog is about more than just writing about current event and what is new in the news. This is about expression. This is my way to express myself in words. For those of you that know me you understand my passion for writing and expressing myself in both voice and script. And this is an open forum for me to do that. But again, this is more than just writing about current news events. I can write about art. I can write about music (which I also do as a job on I can even write about sports, movie, and anything else that is effecting me at the time I sit down to type.

The more and more I write the more and more I learn about myself and my blogging. One thing I have learned this week is how to upload video instead of just photos. If you have not noticed I have a few videos posted already to compliment the article that you are reading. But every single post will have either a photo or video (until I learn something else I can link) attached to it. But there is not thing you might not know about those photos.

Most blogs that you go to when you click that photo it will just open that same photo but in the size that it was originally. Well, this is what I hope you do not believe when you read my blog. Try it if you have not already. Every single photo will take you somewhere new. Every photo is linked to something relating to either the title of the article or the details of that post.

So give it a shot. Go back and read an article and click on a photo. Have fun with them. You might not always get what you are expecting when you click on those photos. And don’t worry. Every site is work friendly. Or are they?