Tiger Woods Speaks at Inauguration

This might come as a shock to any and all of you, and to me as well, but I am not very happy with Mr. Woods right now. There is very little that gets to me anymore and hardly anything makes me mad. Of course, this is to blame on my New Year’s resolution. (My resolution is to not get mad anymore. I am not allowed to get angry, yell, throw controllers, or anything that is even close to being upset for the rest of the year. And I am doing very well so far to all of you doubters out there.)

Tomorrow is the official first day for president elect Obama. Actually I was thinking about writing my thoughts on the entire election and decision from our countrymen but I decided that there might not be enough time or space on their servers at Google for me to get all my thoughts out. So, I decided to just search for something a little more fun. I decided, however, when I saw this video, and how terrible Tiger presented himself in it, that I had to mention how upset I was.

Tiger looks good. Tiger looks good on magazine covers. He looks good on newspapers. He looks good on the cover of my newest razor. Hell, he looks good in a video game. But standing in Washington today speaking on behalf of Mr. President he looked like a fool. I have never seen Tiger look so uncomfortable. And he was obviously reading from a teleprompter. I mean, come on Tiger, you can do better than this.

As far as the content it was pretty cut and dry. It was really not about Obama himself, but more of the history and the direction that Tiger has come from in his life. I mean, Tiger is only 33 years old so he does not have a ton of experience in the real world, but his up bringing did in fact help. His dad, a glorified armed forces agent, did in fact raise Tiger to be a better, stronger, more willed individual. I will give him that.

But what makes me mad about this is how he was directly reading (watch his eyes if you do not believe me) from a screen. He was standing in front of a Sunday at the Masters crowd. The least he could do was memorize the damn speech.

OK, I am done. Now go watch the inauguration. I won’t be. No one said I had to support the guy. I didn’t vote for him. (OK, I didn’t vote at all. There is a lot of discussion that could take place there too, but that is neither here nor there.)