I Spoke Too Soon

So I might have spoken too soon on this whole weed smoking issue with our favorite fish. Michael Phelps keeps getting the smack on the hands for this pot smoking picture.

Before I get too far into what has happened today I wanted to tell you that I just heard a story about him on a classical music radio station. (Yes, I listen to classical. It might make you laugh that I was playing a golf video game at the time that I was listening to this music.) So I was listening to this DJ talk about Phelps and the situations that he found himself in today. So on to what happened today.

First off he has been suspended from competition for the next three months from the USA Swimming organization. Three months huh? I bet that does not effect the next Olympics. Oh yeah, they are three years away, not three months. They came out in a statement today saying that he did not actually break any of the USA Swimming rules but they were going to send a strong message to Phelps and other swimmers alike to get the point across that they are a no tolerance kind of organization.

Also, in later news this evening, if you can put the Barry Bonds steroids case to the side, you find that he has lost his first (and I am sure not the last) sponsor. Kellog’s (the makers of your breakfast cereal, your afternoon cereal bar, and your bath soap) has decided to not renew his contract when his current stint runs out in the near future. They have stated that he is not the type of role model that they are looking to support and will not condone his behavior.

(OK, so I was kidding about the whole bath soap comment. Kellog’s does not actually make bath soap. But if they did can you imagine how sweet your body would smell? I mean, think about it. OK, I will stop before this gets out of hand.)

I guess all that I am happy for, and not even happy as much as justified, is that he is being treated like any of us would be treated. He is a celebrity in his own right, he has won a ton of gold medals, and he is a role model to anyone from the ages of 5 to 105. But he did something illegal, got caught, and now has to accept the punishment from that. He is, with open arms and apologies. But I am just happy that he did not slide through the cracks with no reprimand.

For all of you out there that are helping in bringing this pot smoking deep diving fast swimming creature to justice, I applaud you.