Impression Photography Logo

What you are looking at today is a logo for Impression Photography by Christine. Christine Bowman is a photographer from Scottsdale, Arizona and has recently decided to bring her passion for photos to the business world. She started Impression Photography a couple of months ago. She is beginning her process the way most small start ups should by taking her time getting all the pieces into place one at a time. She began with the name, the website, and now has decided to move on to the logo so that she can begin producing letterheads, business cards (which I will be designing as well) and packaging for her shipments of her photographs.

The logo was fun to design because we went in two totally different directions. She initially wanted to have actual photographs in the logo and we went round and round with different ideas. But finally I presented her an idea of using just her name. I went through a couple of design comps and was finally approved with the design that you see here.

Check out her work. She has a lot of talent and great things are to come from her in her photography career.

She will actually be the featured photographer in my upcoming art show “Sexy Media”. I will be mixing photography, art, live nude models, and a couple of surprises of artwork mixed in to bring it all together. Look for the details of this show to be coming soon as I will be doing one month in the city of Indianapolis and one month in Phoenix, Arizona. It will come prior to my second show (I am only doing two shows this year as in efforts to put a lot of attention and dedication to those that I am working on now) that will feature only photography taken and edited by me. Keep your eyes open.