Joaquin Phoenix Is Finally Back to Normal

I have said it before and I will say it again; I like movies. I watch movies all the time. I just watched one earlier this evening. I even went and saw a midnight release of the newest rendition of the horror flick Friday the 13th. Is it ironic or good marketing that the movie was released on Friday the 13th?

I would not call him my favorite actor, but Joaquin Phoenix is definitely in the top five. He has been in so many movies (more than I bet you even realize) and has held some pretty captivating roles. He was in films such as Ladder 49, Hotel Rwanda, The Village (did anyone else think that the ending to that movie was terrible?), We Own the Night, and one of his most famous roles as Johnny Cash in Walk The Line.

Walk the line was so good for the simple fact that he actually sang all of those parts. He sang every line, word for word, as did she, as they tried to match voices as close as they could to those two star performers. And if you have seen the movie you know he was pretty darn close on a lot of accounts. He was so close and thought he was such a good singer he has retired from acting to follow a career in music.

He retired officially not so long ago and stated that he wanted to focus on his hip-hop career. He went out and build a brand new studio to record his tracks in and has been working on the music ever since. And this was originally thought of as being a joke. He would never retire from film. He was on a role releasing huge hits in the last decade that we might never forget. I forgot to mention he was in Signs. The list just keeps going.

This past week he decided to make an appearance on David Letterman to speak on behalf of his last film, Two Lovers. When he walked out onto the stage you immediately think something crazy is going on. And five minutes later you realize that crazy does not quite describe it. You are shocked and put into an almost uncomfortable state as you watch Dave simply sit without anything to say. He gets to the point where he begins to laugh at Joaquin and start to belittle him. And he does not take this lightly.

I will actually stop talking about it so you can just watch. I am curious to hear your thoughts as to whether you think this is real or fake. I am on the side of fake. And here is why.

I feel that this is fake because he is too good to go down this path. He has too many people around him that would not let him fall that far into the drugs that he would get like this so quickly. He was normal a few months ago and all of a sudden he has a huge beard and acts like Bob Dylan?

I just feel that he is setting this up on purpose. He is using this as a way to get people excited, to talk about his “drug” addiction, and to get people saying the name Joaquin Phoenix. I mean, in his eyes, who cares whether it is a good or bad promotion as long as people are talking about him. I mean, it spread like wild fire around my office in a matter of minutes. We had people talking about it while I was making my bagel yesterday morning. And all day today at lunch we were talking about who thought it was real and who thought it was fake.

I am sticking with fake. I wonder if that was Double Mint.