Shaq Can Dunk But Can He Dance?

This past weekend the boys from the NBA came together to celebrate the best in the league at the All Star Game. This year, and as you can imagine I do not follow basketball enough to know who was there without looking it up, there was a lot more media attraction. There were posters, commercials, and radio ads for the game everywhere you turned. I could not watch anything on network television without hearing a commercial about the game. And this in no way made me more excited to watch it. Plus, it was the same weekend as Valentine’s Day. And that is a time to be spent with your sweetheart anyway.

But this year when Shaq, who was not even a starter, came out, he was introduced with the little dance move that you see above you. He came out with his midgets, or so they looked, and did a substantial dance move. The music was fitting and I enjoyed watching the big fellow move around for a couple of minutes with his counterparts.

Check out the video and enjoy the big man shake his groove thing. Shaq also, later in the evening managed to make a few free throws. But he did so with a blind fold on. The guy can not make a free throw to save his life (and would have hundreds of more points if he did) but he can make them without looking. Silly if you ask me. But the guy is an entertainer, that is for sure. He can dunk, he can rap, and he can sure as hell dance. Watch out Soul Train, here comes Shaq Fu.