Wanna Get High?

So guess what? Smoking marijuana is bad. Well, according to the TV commercials I see all the time it makes your friends hate you, makes you get fat, and wreck your car into trees; it even makes you forget everything that has happened in your life up until that joint. And just because you are famous does not mean that it effects you any less.

Mr. Swimmer spend the majority of the weekend regretting holding the bong water up to his mouth as he smoked a bowl of marijuana recently at a party. The photo was placed in a British news paper and he was caught red handed. There is only one photo, which stinks, because they all have the newspaper logo in the top right. (Anyone got a copy of that photo without the logo?)

But why is this a big deal? Well, it’s a big deal for a couple of reasons. First is because he Mr. Phelps has disappeared. He won some medals and then decided to go MIA. Which is partly what makes me think that he is being forced into this by his publicist to simply get some attention. I mean, what does he have to look forward to? He already won every medal that was available to win in the same Olympics. Of course he could win some more in the future. He is only 23 years old. So how else can we get some attention? Yeah, throw a bong in his hands.

Now, the second reason this is a big deal is he didn’t get into trouble. He didn’t get into trouble by his sponsors. He did not loose any of his medals. He did not loose any credibility with Speedo and Gatorade. And he was not reprimanded by the police. Now, am I saying that he should be arrested and spend time behind bars? No, but he should be getting into some sort of trouble. This kid is a role model so some people. He is a guy that can, well, look like he got hit in the face with a rake first off, but that can swim like a freaking fish. He is tall, skinny, and hot to some and a model athlete.

But I guess what bothers me more than anything is that he is walking away free of charges because he apologized. All of his sponsors made statements today saying they appreciate his apology and believe that he is back on the straight and narrow. (OK, the kid is 23. I bet you anything the next time he is offered weed he will say yes. He will hide himself in the corner or under a bed, but he will say yes.)

Just make sure you take away from this that according to all the big sponsors, the Olympic Community, the police, everyone involved that it is OK to smoke weed. It is OK to get caught. It is OK to do what you want because you can swim faster than everyone else on the planet.

So go get high. Just tell them Michael Phelps gave you the joint.