A Joke Turned Billboard Hit

I hate Saturday Night Live anymore. It used to be good. I remember growing up waiting until Saturday night so that I could stay up late and watch the show. It was funny, I was able to stay up late, and there was always a musical guest. A perfect combination. But all the stars began leaving. Every time I watch it these days it is a different cast. I honestly could not tell you a single person that is on the show right now.

But I do enjoy the guest stars. Like Peyton Manning. He had some pretty hilarious skits and they were more enjoyable on YouTube than on the show itself. There are some decent musical guests but it is usually only a couple of songs and I never remember to stay home and watch the show on a Saturday night.

One video matched with the guest star, Justin Timberlake, has made huge hits for not only me but for millions of people out there. First off, Justin Timberlake is the most talented man in the music industry today. He is the modern day Michael Jackson. He will change the way we view music before he is done. He is young and he offers more than just the ability to sing better than most that try. He can act, he can write, he can produce, and he can put on one hell of a live show. A guy that can take six months off to work on his golf game and host a few celebrity fund raising events has something going for him. (This is kind of like Tiger taking 8 months off the golf circuit and still be number one in the world.)

This video that I am talking about Justin actually co-wrote with the now title Lonely Island. The video is Dick in a Box and talks about a special present for your lady this holiday season. If you have not seen it then please climb out from under the rock that you are living under. This is huge and has actually sparked an album from these New York based boys.

The Lonely Island has released their debut album titled Incredibad. (There is a song on the album that describes where that name came from.) Having guest appearances from Justin Timberlake, Norah Jones, Jack Black, and T-Pain this album is most compared to an old school Adam Sandler CD. You remember those right? They were covered in hilarious spoofs (this one spoofs rap more than anything) and adds a little bit of humor in skits and commercials.

But this album, looked at as a spoof and a flop to those that actually enjoy music, is actually really good. The writing is very clever, however very nasty and not for those under the age of eighteen, but it’s catchy. Songs like (please folks, pardon my French) Jizz In My Pants is a techno dance beat but with lyrics talking about, you guessed it. And the recent single, I’m On A Boat, featuring said T-Pain, is very well written. Of course, the line talking about having my swim trunks and flippy floppies, makes you laugh, but overall its just good.

I say that loosely however. I mean, will it win any awards or be featured in any major motion films, probably not, but is it something you can throw on when your friends are over and laugh to? Yeah, I think so. I was actually listening to I’m On A Boat earlier because you get genuine T-Pain. The way he sings into a synthesizer to make money is so fitting for this single.

GO listen to them. I want to see your reaction. Of course, keep in mind these lyrics are not meant for children and you might very well be offended, but I did not write them. I mean, Justin Timberlake is in the video for two of the songs already and has co-written the majority of the tracks. And if he is involved then you know it must be good. So while I’m out here flipping burgers you keep flipping your copies at FedEx. (That is a song reference if you didn’t already know.)