A Personal Branding

I spoke a while ago about some pretty substantial companies going through a re branding process. Pepsi was one of them and a couple of months into I am still quite impressed with their changes. But this got me thinking about where a branding process begins. Where does it all start? Is it like on TV and in the movies where a bunch of people are sitting at a table in the middle of a glassed in room talking ideas, ordering Chinese take out food because they are in this little room all night and can not leave. You have seen these movies. Or does it come from nowhere? An idea? Where?

Well, I had an idea last week. I had the idea that I wanted to brand not only my graphic design, but also myself. I wanted a personal branding. So where does anything like this start? With a logo. And that is what you are seeing here.

I am not 100% sure that this is the final logo, it is a definite work in progress. It has not hit business cards or anything like that yet, but that is why I am posting the world premiere of the logo here so I can get your thoughts.

Now, this is not for my company. That would entail graphic design only. This is for me. This includes my graphics, my art, my blogging (yeah, my blogging is that important to me), the work I do in the music industry, my writing, etc. This will encompass everything that makes me rickyleepotts.

Now, you might wonder why I spell it like that with everything in lowercase and as one word. The way I figure, it is just part of the branding. I am trying to create a consistent presence on the web, and by using rickyleepotts everywhere instead of Ricky Potts, Ricky Lee Potts, Ricky L. Potts, etc. I am creating that feel of always showing it as rickyleepotts.

I am excited to see your thoughts on this. I have shown quite a few people and am getting a pretty consistent response. But be on the lookout for a final release in the next couple of months. Here comes rickyleepotts!