An Apple A Day Keeps My Hunger Away

I am on a kick. I do that from time to time. I start to get really into something and I become addicted to it. I get overwhelmed with it and I can not stop. Things of a positive sort become my cocaine. Take techno music for example. I started listening to dance music about three years ago. I became so addicted to it that I listen to it at work, at home on channel 418 (that is the Comcast dance station for those of you that are unaware of channels that go that high), and even on MySpace from random never heard before DJ’s. I have been grooving to a couple of stations in Chicago, one in London, and one from Paris. I have actually created relationships with Beirut Nights radio from Lebanon, Fusion Radio in Chicago, and Gaydar radio in London. I know the DJ’s, they know me, and they understand my passion for David Guetta.

But more recently I have fallen addicted to something a little more beneficial. I am absolutely hooked on Fuji apples. Not Fiji apples, there is a big difference. But Fuji apples. They come straight from Japan (hence the name) and are a hybrid of two of the sweetest apples out there. This, in turn, makes the Fuji apple very sweet and juicy. However, do not be mislead. The store bought apples, like the ones in a bag, are no where near as good. The bigger the apple the more sweet it is. 15% of these apples is actually a sugar based substance giving that amazing sweet flavor in every bite. So to get the right Fuji apple you must purchase the organic ones. They are more expensive, but way better, and better for you.

But being on this apple kick, I like to research what they are doing to my beautiful body. So I headed to Google one day to research about Fuji apples. Being so sweet is not a bad thing, and they have been linked to lowering your cholesterol as well as helping with memory and attentiveness. Something that tastes this good can be good for me? I am in.

But I found this video today that makes me want to never touch an apple again. (Calm down, I will have three or four tomorrow I am sure.) The video shows the cycle an apple goes through as it ages. And this aging process is not a long process either. The mold comes in and takes over as soon as a bite is taken. (OK, maybe not as soon as a bit is taken, but very shortly after it is left out on the table. But besides just gross me out, this video did a couple of things for me. It made me think. That is not hard to do because I am always learning.

It made me think about the skin that is on that apple. If you take a Fuji apple and sit it on the counter it will last for up to two months and still be as fresh as the day you bought it. But take a bit out of crime and you are left with a pile of mold in a few days. Why is that? What causes nature to take over so quickly yet stay back when there is a skin around the delicious treat?

A lot of people actually do not like the skin of an apple. I used to be that way when I was growing up. But not now. The nutrients that are found in apples are mostly in the skin itself. The skin protects the juicy and always crunchy inside while packing itself with goodness for the body.

I must say I agree with Adam and Eve. Had I have been in their shoes I would have eaten the apple too. They are tasty and until you try an organic softball sized treat from your local grocery, you will simply be missing out. I wish you luck in finding your way to these heavenly treats.