Apple Must Not Use Twitter

So today Apple has sunk to a new low. For those of you that do not know this I am a Mac user. I have an iPhone (which I am obsessed with) and a Mac Book Pro (which I am jointly obsessed with) and I have pre-ordered a Mac Book Wheel. (It should be coming any day now.)

I like a lot of things about Apple. I like their appeal to the younger generation. I like their sleek look, their clean colors, and their almost dumb user interface. There is no need for bells, whistles, and disarray when it comes to a Mac machine; hand held or otherwise. I like their speed, their connectivity, their huge screens, their weight, their features. This list truly does go on and on.

When Apple announced that they were going to let users develop applications for the iPhone and sell them on an Apple produced applications store (which comes with the most recent upgrades) everyone in the code world got a little excited. The ideas began to flow like waterfalls and the concepts for an iPhone application market was here. And it still is here and it being basically thrown down our faces as very few people can actually develop these applications. I program every day and I develop website in my sleep, but I have not touched the programming that is associated with the iPhone apps. I do not plan on doing this either. Besides the fact that it costs you over $100 to be able to even test your program on the phone I have never seen the language. And I do not have an ounce of time the way it is let alone to be able to learn a new programming language. (But for those of you out there that do know the language, please let me know. I have ideas for applications that could make you a fortune.)

But today Apple has turned it’s back on one of the most widely used (and popular at the moment) sites, Twitter. Not too long ago I was anti-twitter and would not touch it. I thought, “What in the hell do I need a 140 character status update that just gives me one more thing to be addicted to?” Well, having been using Facebook for this same reason for years, I figured, why not. Let’s give it a try. And why I am not at the same level as some of you out there (Sheryl, Gregor, Allison, etc.) I Tweet a lot. During the evening and on the weekends I am never too far from a text message to update my Twitter status.

But Apple has yet to release a solid application for this service. Sure, there are a few out there that get the job done, but I am a label whore. I want to see the actual Twitter name associated with the application. It would be like downloading a game called Duck Hunt but having to throw your shoes at the geese as they flew from the bushes. It is the same concept but not the same thing. (That was not the best example I could have come up with I am sure. However, I am excited to know that I got it in my mind and that is truly all that really matters.)

Apple has rejected the use of an exclusive Twitter application. They have been on a little bit of a rampage at Apple actually. Having rejected the application I Am Rich (which was a simple application that cost $999 but did nothing more than tell you that you were rich) to saying no to the application iBoobs (I can only imagine how awesome that application would have been) they have been turning down applications left and right. And I can some what see their reasoning for their rejections. I mean, what happens if someone buys the application on accident? Or if you leave your phone on your desk at work and someone buys it as a prank. Or the sure joy of catching your kid with an application of a girl shaking what her momma gave her. Yeah, not everyone that owns an iPhone is an adult.

But the reason for the rejection of the Twitter application is silly. They are saying no to the application because you can search through Twitter by suggestive language. You can search and find actual Tweets about anything you can think of. This includes nudity (no images of course), violence, and profanity. So Apple thinks that because you can search for these terms through the Twitter search service that they can not allow that to be in the app store.

I am sorry, but is that not counter intuitive? I mean, you are saying that you are not allowing me to search through Twitter, which is an application that I learn about, that I go out and download, and that I use at my own discretion? I can not just hit the home button, open up Safari, and search for the same things? I can learn to make a bomb on the web, or how to steal a car. I can even learn where babies come from through Google. (Trust me, you don’t want to know.)

This just goes to show that Apple is flexing their arms at their power to say, “No.” We get it Apple. You have an image to protect. You have a set of guidelines that are placed there on purpose. You have to stand by your true values and beliefs. For that I applaud you.

But, just think how much fun it would be to pull out your phone, swipe your finger across the bottom of the screen, and see an application shaking it’s assets at you all the live long day. I want my iBoobs back, Apple. Give me my virtual cleavage.