Bottoms Up Everyone

I came across this article today on oddly shaped, and creative at that, ice cube trays. We have all seen the normal, boring old plastic ice cube trays on the store shelves and in the empty freezers. And some of us are probably familiar with the breast shaped ice cubs trays that your mom always kept in the freezer just in case that special drink needed a surprise in the cubes. But this shows a collection of some of the weirdest, and coolest, ice cube trays. Click on the image (and Josh will appreciate that I actually linked the image to the article that I was speaking of) and see for yourself. Which one are your favorites?

I think out of all of them I like the Pi and the Titanic (pictured above) the best. The Titanic one is not necessarily the funniest of the bunch, but the most clever. As the ice melts the boat sinks. Makes you kind of think, huh? That ice was the reason for the Titanic sinking and now can be in your drink and sink as you drink. I like that for marketing. “Titanic Ice Cube Trays; Watch It Sink As You Drink.”

And for the Pi one can you imagine yourself in a high end New York bar and you order a Sex and the City cocktail. You are asked which one and the bartender suggests the newest addition, the Pi. The Pi comes to your table, flavored however you would flavor Pi (ask Sheryl, she knows what pink tastes like so she might be able to tell you what Pi would taste like.) But how cool would that be to have your drink arrive and the ice cube tray is said Pi. Very cool concept and I think I am going to patent that. (Hands off.)

Take a look at these creative trays and think of the drinks that these would fit best into. I want to hear your thoughts on this.