Hello, My Name Is

Today I saw a video discussing the importance of being a professional. It talked about, mainly, job fairs and the interview process and how your first impression can make all the difference. I have to admit that you are not likely hired on your pure skill set and talents, but how you handle yourself as a person and who you know. It is a sad cliche, but it is oh so true in the market today. And in this so called recession that I am sick and tired of hearing about this is even more true.

The video discussed everything from how your voice should sound in your voice mail message (sorry Chris, I will never change it from the default. At least now now.) to the positioning of your name tag when you hit up the common job fairs that are popping up all over the country. It was interesting to hear her speak and everything she said made sense. The simple things, the spur of the moment softball question responses and the simple little effort required things that you can do that I can honestly see being the difference than getting a job and walking to the next interview.

But one of the things that stood out to me is the things she talked about regarding the first impression. That your voice mail message can quite possibly be the first impression that is left on an employer. I disagree to an extent of that, but I do feel that a business card is similar to your modern day voice mail. I pass those things out like candy and I am happy to print more because if they lead to a single connection it made the entire box worth buying. And I buy them in packs of 100 because I like to design new styles. I am on my 5th or 6th design and what you see above it my latest installment. This is doing two things. This is one, eye catching. You see it and you do not immediately think that you are being handed a business card. The cards will be printed on high glass double sided and full color. They will have rounded edges (sorry you can not see that in the comp) and will be in my hands in the next couple of weeks. But hurry, I pass them out to everyone that will take one. There is no such thing as bad advertising in my eyes.

But I am taking this a step further than being just a simple business card. My new design will be functional as well. The business card will serve its purpose and tell you my name, my contact information, and get you to see a little bit behind my personality. But the card will also serve as an ice breaker, and a way to start a conversation with someone. The card will not be just your standard double sided paper, but one side will be a sticker. The side that has the Hello My Name Is will be a peel off sticker that will allow me to place it on myself in situations, it will allow the person taking the card to place it anywhere they wish, and all the while still having my name and contact information on the opposite side.

You might ask yourself if this serves any true purpose being a sticker. To me it does. It is different. It is original. It is unique. And is something that will make me stand out from your plain Jane business cards that everyone has.

After I am through this stack I will be releasing yet another design that has already been completed. But I am not going to spoil it for you. For the time being, just remember my name!