How Much is it to Pee?

Ryanair, one of the cheapest airlines in Europe, has stated that they are planning on making passengers pay to use the restroom facilities in the near future. Granted, this is only a possibility, but with the economy the way it is these days who knows what they could be charging for next.

But this raises an interesting question. Actually, a set of questions. The first being what are they going to charge? Is there a rates sheet? Does it cost more to pee than to, well, you know. Does it cost to just wash your hands before your on flight meal? What if the flight has a long duration. I myself when I fly more than a few hours walk around, wash my hands, splash water on my face, and just try to keep awake and alert when in the air that long. Will they charge for that stuff as well?

The second issue that I see this posing is the legalities behind it. Is it legal to charge someone to use a what used to be public facility? I actually remember someone telling me once that a public restroom is a right that we have as being human. Of course, I can beg to differ because we could survive without them. But they are simply everywhere and the only place I have had to pay to use a toilet was in San Fransisco and you had to pay to use all the public restrooms because of the size of the city.

But I am curious to see if they pull this off and actually begin to charge people to use the restroom. I do not carry cash on me (ever people, I am so looking forward to the day that we live in a cashless society) and I am sure they will not swipe a credit card for that.

I guess it is going to cost me now to become a member of the you know what club.