Mike Needs A Job

I am happy right now. I am happy for a few reasons but the main reason that I am happy is that the web is starting to reach people. And by reach I mean in creative ways to better their lives and careers.

I am a designer that always strives to use my design work to display a message. If I can not display a message through my final product then I have failed. Whether a website that I design drives sales or a logo that I design ads to the overall branding of the organization, each piece that leaves my hands needs to produce a message for the end user. And I have come across something that makes me proud to be a designer.

Robin Stearns had been watching her husband apply to job after job and getting nowhere. Of course, in this so called recession that we find ourselves in jobs are not as easy to come by as they once were, but it started to frustrate her. So, after receiving her tax refund she went out, bought a Mac Book Pro (I love the product placement here) and decided to make a website for her husband. Having been using all the social networking sites including LinkedIn (which if you are a professional and are not on, well, get on it) her husband, Mike, was still not able to get a job. With this new computer Robin was able to make a difference.

Being fed up with his search of finding a job she decided that the best way he could land a position would be to ask for the job. In an almost attempt of desperation she created a website, using the free site design software on all Apple machines, she created the site you see once you click on her image. The site is designed to showcase him for what he is. He is a normal person, with an impeccable background, incredible education, and a job track that makes him everything that you would want in an employee.

Me not being able to hire him myself, I felt obligated to reach out to Mike and Robin. On my current obsession with the Internet, social networking, and an attempt to add this to the value of every client, friend, and foe that I have, I was intrigued and had to talk about this. What Robin is using to aid in her husband’s job search works on a few levels. First, the site is very basic (maybe too basic but what do you expect to get from a free site design software), it explains everything you need to know about Mike to get that initial interview, and it explains what she is doing. It does not have a lot of bells and whistles or crazy CSS. It shows his resume, an introduction video from him, and contact information.

I hope that this works and that I can continue dialog with Mike and Robin until he gets a job. His resume, like I said before, is pretty stacked. He might very well be getting offers under his required pay rate. They live in California, which is not a cheap place to live already. But I have seen instances in my life where people have too much experience and education that they are simply out of budget for most companies. (Image that for a second. You walk in, sit down, have your interview and they say, “You are great, and we would love to have you as part of our team. But you are too good for us. You deserve better.” Sounds like a bad excuse for a break up if you ask me.)

All this does for me is show hope in the future of the web. It shows that people are beginning to realize that a computer is more than a $2,000 calculator that you can play solitaire on. I hope this is a trend that continues to grow and that the web is a place of open and honest communication creating a community of expression and opportunity. Very nice work Robin. You have made this geek proud.