Welcome to the End of the Rainbow

So apparently we were all lied to. For my entire life, and granted that is only 25 years, I have thought they were real. That there really was a pot of gold at the end. That there would be a leprechaun hanging out ready to give me all my gold if I ever found the end of a rainbow. But, sadly, that must not be true. Or is it?

What you are seeing there is a picture that comes from the greatest phone on the planet, the iPhone. This said phone snapped this while driving down the road (the phone was not driving) and has proven the end of a rainbow really can exist. But, what are your thoughts on the photo? (I know, Josh, you are going to complain and say that the image takes me somewhere besides to a larger snap shot. Well, get over it. I like to be spontaneous. I like to take you to places that are not expected.)

Do you think there could be some Photoshop work here? Do you think there could be some touching up that took place and some edits to this image to create a news worthy story and to get this individual some exposure? I tend to think that it is fake. I actually, for the most part, seem to think most images are fake with the technology that is currently on the market. I mean, I have the whitest teeth and a year round tan thanks to the burn and dodge tools. I mean, if I can do it for Facebook images, don’t you think this guy could do it for a news story?

I just saw this and wanted to get your ideas and opinions. What are your thoughts on rainbows to begin with? Do you think they are pretty? Do you think they are nostalgic? Do you think they are the gateway between heaven and earth? Do you think they are gay? (Look that up if you do not know what that means.)