You Are the Biggest Loser

I have a question. When is enough enough? When do you take a look at a situation and say, “You know what, I have had it.” When do you reach the bottom of a scenario before you realize that you need to make some changes? Of course your answer might be different for any number of occasions, but in this case you would think the answer would have come a lot sooner.

A Connecticut women’s basketball team has been on a cold streak. They have been throwing that basketball at a hoop for 256 games before they have scored a single win. Yeah, you read that right. Almost 300 games without a win. This in turn brings up a lot of questions for someone like myself. The first being how. How in the hell do you go that many games and not win? Come close, sure, but who cares about coming close. You either win or loose in basketball. There is no tie. You play and play and play until someone in the end has more points than the other team. But how does a team go 256 games and not chalk up a W in the win column?

This leads to the second question. Where is the school in all of this? How does this coach keep their job? And why did the school not step in after, oh, I don’t know, fifty loses maybe? Jesus Connecticut, come on. Your men’s team is incredible and has won some titles and set some records on the way. Where is the motivation to the girl’s squad?

I just had to point out that this is a situation where the coach needs to take a step back and realize that basketball might not be his forte. Perhaps basket weaving or cart boy at the local Marsh would be a better fit. But if you can coach 256 games and not score a single win, you need to be doing something else. It is pretty bad when you have lost so many games in a row that when you win one you get national news coverage. Pick up a book and learn how to coach a team to success. Pick better talent. Do something. If you want to keep your job you might have no choice. (Of course, a guy that leads his team to a 100-0 victory looses his job because he scored too many points but this guy keeps his by not scoring enough. See the quandary in that one?