And He Does All That With His Mouth

I found this video today and I just had to share it with you. This comes not too long after an American Idol drop off that I felt had the talent, and the difference, to win. Blake Lewis is the guy that I am talking about, and even though he had a bad boy attitude and was simply a poster boy for boy band drop outs all over the world, he finished way out of the top spot.

The thing that Blake Lewis brought to the stage, and to his incredible and maybe one of the best albums of the last five years, is his amazing ability to beat box. If you have not heard Blake I highly suggest that you take a listen. His album is incredible and never too far from my head phones.

But there are people all over the place that can beat box, right? I mean, I can make sounds with my mouth that might pass to the uneducated as a beat box. (I think that is such a cool name for a music machine. Those two words together, while I think would make the start of conversation on an awesome band name, create a feeling for what you expect when someone begins to do just that.)

But when I am not practicing my beat boxing I enjoy finding hidden talent. Take Paul Potts for example. (I do not think we are related, but I should email him and find out. I could share in that fancy singing stardom. I am cuter than him, though, so he might get jealous.) Paul Potts hit Britain’s Got Talent a few years ago and blew Simon and the other judges away with his unexpected and sometimes tear shedding talents. Not singing an everyday accepted style of music, he challenged the masses. He brought something that God gave him the ability to do right to where he knew he would get noticed; in front of Simon.

But besides Paul Potts and Blake Lewis, this guy deserves some attention. This video shows what a true beat boxer is all about. His voice does a few things here that you do not hear in a lot of beat boxers. (Of course, I do not study the beat box market, but I assume they do not all do this.) His range goes from high to low and he adds what at some point sounds like three or four sounds at once. He has the ability to bring comfort in the sounds he makes by relating them to popular songs while at the same time get you almost laughing at how impressed you are.

After you watch this video, try it yourself. Of course, make sure you are either home alone or are really comfortable with the people around you, because you will not sound like him. You might hit some notes that match a sound or two he makes, but this takes God given talent, time to practice, and a spit screen because there is no way he is not throwing liquid all over his camera.