Artist Interview: 1-on-1 with Carl Harper

I was selling TV’s when I heard the name Carl Harper. I was talking with some relatives of his and they were speaking of some talent in their family that lived over seas. They said that I should listen to his tunes and see what I thought. Well, I did, and I found nothing but incredible lyrics, pure talent in the guitar strings, and a true sense of the word music. This guy understands what it takes to make his heart speak straight to you and he does so in a melodic sense. It is my pleasure to introduce you to Carl Harper.

Where are you from originally?

I was born and currently live in Liverpool, England.

What is it like living in Liverpool?

I really love it here. Every time I enter the city center it looks better then the last time.

How is the music scene over there?

The music is amazing, I always try and get out to see some unsigned bands as often as possible and I am never surprised how good they are.

How often do you visit the states?

Sadly not as often as I would like. I only get over there every few years if that.

What is your first memory of the guitar?

I think my first memory of the guitar was seeing my dad playing one and I remember thinking I want one.

When did you decide to make music a career choice?

I’ve always loved music and when I wrote my first song and people actually liked it, it made me think I could do this as a career. I am now currently studying music technology in college and will be joining University this September.

Are you working anywhere or is music it?

I am currently working part-time delivering furniture for my dad’s furniture business whilst in college, but music is definitely the future for me.

Any good beers over there I should know about?

I’m not sure if you have got it over there but I occasionally drink Carling but I usually drink brandy and coke or JD.

Where do you get inspiration to write a new song?

I try and write songs with a story people can relate to, mostly I’ll try and think of a subject and work from that. I am inspired by everyday life.

I hear you are about to be a father. Congratulations. Are you ready for that? (Laughs)

(Laughs) I don’t think anyone is ready at first, but I can’t wait I’ve never been so excited about anything.

How do you think raising a family will affect your music?

I know having a child will give me many more ideas for new songs.

Who are some of your biggest influences?

The major influence’s for me are the Beatles, Paul McCartney, Eagles, The Who more recently Coldplay and Kings of Leon. These are just a few I can think of I’m sure there are many more.

What is the biggest crowd you have played for?

I was asked to do a couple of songs at a local festival; I think there were a few hundred people there.

The smallest?

Apart from family and friends I had a cover gig in a social club there were about 20 people there, if that.

Is there a band behind you or is it just you?

I play solo except from at college gigs when I play as part of our college band.

If you could tour with anyone in the industry right now who would it be?

(Thinks) There are a lot of people out there I would love to tour with, but I think Coldplay would be my first choice at the moment.

What are your thoughts on MySpace?

MySpace is a great way to get your songs out there to the public and I have made many fans through having a MySpace page.

If you could live anywhere else in the world where would you go?

If given a choice of anywhere I would move to America but I’m not sure where about, but I have got family in Indianapolis and I love it there when I visit.

What is the most embarrassing thing that has ever happened to you on stage?

The thing that sticks out in my mind is forgetting the words on one of my songs and everyone noticed so I had to start the song again.

Pepsi or Coke?


Any word on an album any time this year?

Because of college and a new addition to the family I have very limited time, but hopefully I will have another album completed later on in the year.

What are you drinking on stage?

Water, I may occasionally have one beer. I try not to drink at all, so I am performing at my best and not slurring my words.

How has the Internet helped you in connecting to fans in the States?

The Internet has helped me tremendously because I can communicate with fans all over the world at any time.

PC or Mac?

Mac. I have purchased a Mac Book and Logic Pro to record my songs and I don’t think I’ll ever go back to using a PC to record.

Where do you see yourself in five years?

In five years I see myself as a well known artist / songwriter, writing for myself and other established artists within the music industry.

What do you want to be remembered for when this is all said and done?

Wow what a question. I would like to be remembered as a great songwriter / artist.

I always let the artist get the last word. Go.

If I have the last word I will have to say keep checking my MySpace page for new songs and upcoming gigs and thanks for the interview.