Game Over

Does anyone else remember this or is it just me? Well, let me start off by saying, I thought this was fake when I first saw it to begin with. With all the April Fool’s jokes that are being spread around I figured this was just one that got lost in the shuffle and managed to move it’s way to the top a couple days late. But anyway, it is not fake. This is an actual game that took place between two Kentucky teams (image the crowd at that game) this past week. The two teams were a little unbalanced as they ended in a rather lop sided manner. The game started with a 22 run inning for Kentucky State. And if you get those kind of numbers that early you have a pretty good ideas what is going to come next.

The game ended with a total score of 49-1. This has got to be, if it is not, the biggest win for a baseball team college or other wise. This is just insane. I have seen numbers in the lower 20’s, actually remember seeing the Detroit Tigers squeeze 25 on the board when I was really little, but this number is unheard of. I mean, 49 times a player came to the plate and crossed home plate. I wonder how many guys they left on base in this contest. Or lack there of I should say.

But this brings back some memories. I grew up playing baseball. I played from the time I could walk. I was the baseball version of Tiger Woods. I always had a glove on my hand and the smell of fresh cut grass was never too far away. I played from tee ball through little league (minors, majors, all that jazz) and eventually gave it up for golf. And as much as I love baseball, and miss it just the same, I love golf more. Golf has been something that I have grown to absolutely desire and dream about. I literally breathe golf.

But as far as this game, and my memories serve me, is something called the ten run rule. Does anyone else remember that rule? This was where if a team was up by ten or more runs, and you made it to the halfway point of the ball game, it was called and the winner was the team on the top of the leader board. So, why does that not exist in games of this nature? Why would you put a college team through the misery and absolute embarrassment of having to play nine innings while being beat this badly?

I wonder what the coach said after this game was over. I wonder if he was upset at how bad his players performed, in shock at how well the other players performed, or merely amused that his team had just lost by 48 runs. Yeah, that is a lot of runs. I am still having a hard time getting a grasp on that number.

I guess he can keep his job though. A basketball team blows out a team by a hundred points (which is not hard to get to in a regulation length basketball game) and the coach is fired. However, a baseball team scores nearly half that (which I once thought might be impossible)and the coach keeps his locker. I guess it just goes to show you that you have to let at least 1 point cross the visitor side.

Play ball!