I Am Pregnant

So today was a holiday. But this is not your average holiday. This is a holiday for the pranksters and the joke makers out there. It is one that folks look forward to all year and can not wait to get their hands on. Today was April 1st. Or for those in the “know” April Fool’s Day.

But why is this important? Well, to most, it might not be. But to me, it is funny. It is funny for the jokes and pranks that are pulled on people. It is funny for the pranks that are creative, that I can research (Goggle for lack of a better term) and those that I can play on my friends and know it is OK. Like for instance, today, Evan was played a trick upon. Drew, a fellow friend of outs, placed a piece of transparent tape over his optical mouse. No big deal, right? Yeah, well, until you try to move the mouse. It is a headache. The mouse will begin moving all over, and the mouse will simply go crazy as long as the tape is on the bottom. Very funny and I suggest trying this even out of season.

Another prank that was played today was the always classic, “image as a background” trick. This is where an unsuspecting coworker leaves his or her computer (in this case it was a she) unattended while they are away. You take a screen shot of the image (the desktop) and make that the background. This is some of the cheapest and most fun you can have in a day. They will sit there, freaking out as if something was wrong, for minutes at a time before they realize what was wrong. And the funniest part is when they figure it out. Their reaction is always priceless.

I researched this a little today but I want to know your biggest prank. What have you done? What did you do to someone else? I always enjoy humor at someone else’s expense. So tell me, what is your favorite April Fool’s joke? Was it worth it? I mean, BoldHeart Design has said they are filing bankruptcy. Goggle has released a 3D version of their latest (and first ever) browser. Macintosh has released a computer called the Wheel. Wolverine made a legal drop to the market. Hell, Michael Jackson even released his 100 tracks that are supposedly unreleased until his death. I mean, if all that can come true, why not dream? I want to hear your tricks, treats, and skills at making this an April Fool’s to live for.