Rain Rain, Go Away

Guess what? I like lists. I am starting to like them more and more as time goes on. And the list that I found this evening, ore of a collection I guess, was of the top ten umbrellas that you wish you had during the next rain storm.

It rains a lot here in Indiana, and I have a few umbrellas. I have the golf umbrella that stays attached to my golf bag. (I think it rains more on the golf course than anywhere. Every time I tee it up it seems that drops begin to fall.) I also have a Coach umbrella that I use for my every day travels. But with the way my work schedule is, and how close I can park to my office and apartment, I never really need it. I have actually only used it a few times.

But this collection of images made me want to buy a new umbrella. The only one that I would seriously consider, and that I am so amazed that I did not think of the concept sooner, is the one you see above you. This is an umbrella that not only protects you from the rain, but stands upright, so when you get home or to the office will not just sit there soaking whatever it touches. (It will however soak whatever is beneath it, but you get the idea.)

This just makes me tingle inside. It makes me happy because people are using their God given creativity and common sense to produce every day items for the future. I mean, until you saw this, and don’t lie, you didn’t even think of that as a benefit. You just complain that it is raining, tell everyone you know that you hate the weather, and just throw your wet and wrinkled umbrella wherever you can.

The next time that it rains take a step back and try to think of creative ways to keep yourself dry. I wear a parka and rain boots. What about you?