Ring Ring; Can Someone Answer That Phone Please?

I know the first person that will appreciate this is the same person that will complain the image links you elsewhere, but he can just get over it. I came across this article today that made me laugh out loud. It was a set of ten or so concepts for your modern day every day phone. But before I get too far into this let me ask you something. Do you have a phone? Of course you do. Everyone does. Even Ryan Cook broke down and got one. But what kind of phone do you have? A rotary? A cordless? A cellular? I have a feeling that you answered the latter. So why in the world would companies continue to make phones that are not of that variety? Beats me.

But these phones were pretty entertaining to say the least. I actually have some memories of these phones (not these phones exactly but novelty phones like this) from my early childhood days of walking around Spencer Gifts) and it was neat to see some of them again. The ones that really made me laugh were the ones shaped like hamburgers or the ones shaped like a shoe. I mean, yeah, it would be funny to have for a few days, but then every time your phone rang you had to answer a shoe? What if you come home, had a bad day, and all you want to do is relax when all of a sudden your hamburger rings. Not very appealing to your bad mood.

But my question is why do phones, like the iPhone, go for the moron feel and simply make their product easy to use, functional, and pretty? Because that is what people like. People enjoy the fact that they can scan through their voice, that they can check their email, check the scores of last night’s basketball game, and see thelatest YouTube video at the swipe of a finger. I don’t need a shoe, I need a button. The iPhone (can you tell I like the iPhone) is the greatest piece of technology that we have ever seen for the price point and the easy of not only use but access. You can not walk anywhere and not see someone with one.

All in all I just wanted to share this with you as I found it funny some of the variations. I keep going back to the burger and the shoe, but out of the twelve they were quite creative. Hey Josh, what is the link to this article?