The Chicken of the Sea

Seafood is awesome. Whether it is crab legs, fresh shrimp, oysters, sea bass, salmon; all seafood for the most part is delicious. You can mix and match the way that you cook your seafood too. I mean, according to Bubba Gump Shrimp Company, there are hundreds of ways to prepare the little guys. You can prepare pretty much all fish from raw to steamed to cooked and breaded.

I have actually, at my day time job, been given a nick name. That nick name is The Tuna. I am the Tuna because of the following story.

I was walking past my boss not a week into my job and he stopped me to ask if I was involved in a relationship. The majority of my office is married or seriously dating, and I had recently gotten out of a relationship. I told him that I was not, but didn’t really know why. I told him how great of a guy I was, what all I felt I could offer a girl, the skills that I had (including computer hacking skills) and that I was a pretty good catch. With that line right there my boss turns to me and goes, “Well, I might be able to help you with that. I can introduce you to some people. Let me see what I can do Tuna.”

Called me Tuna because I was a good catch, and he enjoys some Tuna for his diet. I laughed, he laughed, and I never thought much more about it. Until six months later, and still ongoing, not only does he, but EVERYONE in my office calls me the Tuna. Evan, a good friend and tennis partner (Wii tennis that is) even has my iChat icon as a tuna. It is pretty serious.

But on a lighter note, and not necessarily a more positive one, the real tuna is in trouble. According to the WWF (not the World Wrestling Federation but rather the World Wildlife Fund) the tuna we all know and love will be extinct by the hunting season of 2012. But do you really think that we will be without our blue cans of goodness that soon? And do you think that they would let that happen in the WWF?

I understand that animals can not exist forever but what about genetic engineering? Can they not figure out a way to make more tuna in a lab? Can they not make tuna helper with a substitute? I mean, they have imitation crab meat. Why not imitation tuna meat?

But the one place that would suffer from this is the sushi market. I enjoy sushi quite a bit and I will be upset when the tuna takes a dive (no pun intended) due to me having to eat more eel. But this brings up one serious consideration. Do you think that the price will, or would have already, gone up? The price of things that become harder to find usually rises as time goes by. It is the whole concept of supply and demand.

So do I need to go out and by as many cans of tuna that I can? Do I need to start eating more tuna sushi and writing down my experience? I mean, I am the tuna, sure, but I am going to miss the real deal. I enjoy chicken, too, but the chicken of the sea has an unparalleled taste.

The main reason that I brought this up to you today is because it is something that they assume will happen very soon. They assume that tuna will simply just vanish and that’s that. Gives you something to think about. And to consider in these dire times. Can someone pass the crackers please? I am hungry.

(And on a completely unplanned and side note, I smell fish right now.)