Tiger Woods Mystery?

Well Tiger is not playing very well this year in the Masters. I mean, I will cut him a little bit of slack but from a guy that has finished second, second, and third the last three years he is not looking too hot this year. He started the weekend in a tie for 28th but managed to finish the day in a tie for 8th. But he is still quite a few strokes back. And to ad to all of that, he has never come from behind to win a major. So the odds are not on his side. But then again, he is Tiger Woods.’

But the reason that I am here with you today is that the Masters, which has had quite a few surprises this year, has released a column this year called Masters Mysteries. It is a column dedicated to things that fans and reporters are finding on a day to day basis about the club, the players, and the fans that provide mystery to the end viewer. There are some, like who was the first person to win the Masters? Well, that is an easy one (five bonus points to the one that provides that name first) to the name the tournament held on it’s first go round. (I will spoil that and tell you it was called the Augusta National Invitational. It actually read, on the score card and the program, the First Annual Augusta National Invitational. Can you have an annual event if that event is your one? I do not think so, but that is just me.)

But the Masters Mystery today is in regards to none other than my man, Tiger Woods. The mystery is about the big V that is on the side of his hat and on the front of his shirt. That V is the logo for his new line of clubs. Nike has released, and has allowed Tiger to be able to design everything in the set outside of the wedges, a new set of irons dedicated to his incredible win percentage. (Yeah, you do realize that Tiger wins over 25% of the tournaments that he enters? That number is unheard of.)

The line is called the Victory Line and offers a set of irons, wedges, fairway woods, and a driver, all of which Tiger is playing. (Except the wedges. And not because he did not design the, but because he still allows the folks over at Titleist to design his wedges. Vokey just has something in those that you can not compare to. But there is still a Nike logo on those wedges when he gets to the bag.)

But this is not a mystery. This is not a mystery at all. In fact, those of you that do not know that do not know what that logo is for must not be a fan of one, golf, or two Tiger Woods. I mean, sure there are some of you out there that might not know the V logo quite yet, but you will soon enough.

I just get so irritated when news stories, headline news stories for that matter, are about stupid topics that have nothing to do with anything. I mean, I am obsessed with Tiger, don’t get me wrong, but two of the three rounds of the Masters, where he is not even in the lead (or close for that matter) he has been on the front page of USA Today. Why? Chad is in the lead. Anthony had 11 birdies in a row setting a Masters record yesterday. And they are not on the front page of the paper. Why? I want him on the cover, but give some of the other guys an ounce of credit for a change.

I am sorry Tiger, but you need to share the stage with people. You have made your come back and have proven you can still win, and you are just playing well enough to get buy this week. Do you have to cause a stir with a new logo to get attention when you are not playing well? The logo is not even new.

Can anyone see my frustration here? Masters Mysteries? Get with it. This is a game built on tradition. This is a game build on honor. And the Masters is just a continuation of that on a yearly basis. The course is spotless, the greens are perfect, and the players struggle more and more each year. I just wish they would moderate their news stories a little more closely.

Sorry for my little late night tangent, but this is not a mystery. Maybe I follow Tiger a little closer than most, but the logo is not Tiger’s logo, the logo is Nike’s logo. Do your research before you go out and post front page headlines about something like this.

Can anyone tell me how many logos Tiger himself has?