Why Does it Always Have to Be About Color?

I heard a story the other day. The story was about an organization that I had never heard of. And that is pretty shocking as how I am obsessed with media and the world that surrounds me both locally and globally. I was playing golf (I shot 69 by the way) with a good friend of mine, Ryan O’Banyal and he asked me if I had heard about the new case that was just pushed through by the NAACP. My first thought was, “What in the heck is the NAACP.” Then all I could think about was what the case entailed.

The NAACP is the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People. Yeah, I had to look twice when I saw that too. (I am curious is the white folks have an organization like this. We do we not get the chance to advance?) They are a non-for-profit firm that specializes in the advancement of those that might not have the chance to make something of themselves. Better yet, they are in the business of advancing those that are hitting a brick wall because of the color of their skin. Believe it or not that kind of behavior still exists in today’s world. It is not as bad as it used to be with slavery, and segregation, but we (as in a people in general) look down upon African Americans. And not only African Americans, but all races other that our own.

But the NAACP has been put in place to save that from happening in a better and brighter, and mix culture. But when they provide cases (that is their main focus is law suits) like this one you can not help but one, laugh, and two, judge on whether or not to take them serious.

The case that I am talking about was put in to motion not long ago and involved the NAACP suing the makers and creators of angel food cake for their racism and image destroying antics. Let me explain. According to the NAACP angel’s food cake, which is white and generally with a light colored frosting, presents an image of peace, heaven, and longevity. While on the other hand, devil’s food cake is black, dark, and has either red or chocolate icing. Why is this important? Because of the image that these cakes are imposing on the African American folks. And the highlighting image that the opposite imposes on the white folks. (Is there a better word to use here than folks?)

Now, let me take a second to look at the details behind this case. (And no, I do not think that they have a case. Are they suing Betty Crocker here?) Angel food cake is white, plain, and has very little flavor. Yes, it is white, I get that part. And the icing that is usually atop an angel food cake is boring vanilla or lemon flavored. Now let’s look at the opposing dessert. (How often do you spell dessert with only on S? You know how I used to, and still to this day, remember that dessert has two S’s? Sweet Stuff. Yes, you can use that from now on. Paton is pending.) Devil’s food cake is called that because of how amazing it tastes, how guilty you feel for eating it, and how disgusting it makes you feel when you have eaten three slices after dinner. (They are like Lay’s potato chips. You can’t have just one.)

So where is there case here? What are we going to do, rename the cakes? They say that because angel food cake is white and is represented by the name angle, it places white people in a different category. And then devil’s food cake is dark, and titled with the all mighty demon. So because I enjoy a sweet delicious piece of low carbohydrate cake I am eating black people? I just don’t see it.

When I heard about this I took a little time to read about some of the other cases that the NAACP puts in front of a judge from time to time. And I suggest that you do the same. They are quite entertaining and some will make you just laugh out loud. I mean, growing up we all heard of the glass ceiling that women faced in the work force. That is no more, they have busted through that and are making strides toward world domination. (Look at Hilary Clinton and Sarah Palin.) But the African American people still have a chip on their shoulder about something my grandfather’s grand father was associated with.

I am sorry, but I do not believe in slavery. It is an idea that is way past it’s time. It is an idea that we, as a generation of technology and modern day living, can not even begin to comprehend. So I will not try and do so. But what I am sick and tired of is having to feel like I owe the African American community something. I am friends with a lot of African Americans, and quite frankly, I idolize one. (Tiger Woods for those who are not paying attention.) But do I need to write Tiger a check for $3,000 because his great great grandfather was a slave? No, I do not think so. they have risen above that and have gone on to be not only some of the most successful people in the world, but we are, as a society, starting to not even notice their color difference.

I could go on and on about African Americans and how they are affected by the way we treat them (we being white Americans) but look at the other races that are out there. Chinese, Mexican, and a melting pot of other races are all around us. I dare you to go to a restaurant on a Friday night after work and sit in the middle of the room and have every table around you speaking English. It is a harsh reality for some, but we are slowly moving toward what our fore fathers had wanted; a melting pot of immigrants from every corner of the world.

So as you sit back and think about all of the different races of friends you have and that you associate on a day to day basis (that is sort of my point here) realize that no matter what you do, the next time Grandma brings you over a piece of devil’s food cake on Sunday afternoon, you are a racist if you eat it. Do not eat devil’s food cake.

“Hey, can I get a piece of Asian Pear Strudel?”