Wolverine Has An Update

So earlier this week, or was it last week, I touched on a subject that involved the leaking of the upcoming “hit” movie, Wolverine Origins. This movie is just yet another installment from the X-Men crew and involves the redemption of the man himself and some new story book characters. This film, as you I am sure have heard, leaked to the Internet. The leak, which I have no idea why, sparked huge debate confusion with folks all over the world. Talking about how a leak like this has never been allowed (like they could stop it) and one that had to be stopped. (Before I go on I want to make two points here. First being who is “they”? You always heat that, right? The, “Well, they said…” or, “They are going to the party.” But you never know who they truly are. So who are they? And second, once one person has downloaded (which is highly illegal and I suggest that you never partake in these practices) there is no stopping it. There is a guy, sitting in his boxers, in the basement of his mother’s home downloading, watching, ripping, and emailing all his geek friends telling them what he found and now has possession of. So once one has been seeded, there is no stopping the train.) And no, I do not live in my mother’s basement.

But today they announced yet another astonishing (so they thought) find. Over 1,000,000 people had downloaded the film. And who out there is surprised? I mean, the movie will still do well in the box office, and please hold me to that, and it will still be the number one film in it’s opening weekend. (Do you ever remember a film that had a midnight showing (that was of this magnitude) and did not reach number one in the box office? I mean, sure, Confessions of a Shopohalic had a midnight release. But it was the same weekend that Watchmen came out so yeah, you do not stand a chance.)

By the way, to add to this “astonishing” update, the movie is only a partial screening of the final version. The ending is cut off, and the last twenty minutes or so are not that of the theater version. So, for those that broke the law, downloaded this soon to be released anyway feature film, enjoy. As for you are watching something that you are going to have to pay to see the true ending to anyway. And by the way, are wolverines not just the cutest little things. I just want to snuggle up next to one.