Wolverine Is Here and He's Early

So something happened yesterday that is putting shock in people’s minds. They are so surprised by this event that they are posting blog topics (yeah, I know right) about it. They are writing their local paper, they are calling their local TV stations, and they are buying up all the banner space on those silly airplanes that fly all over the place trying to sell products. (You know what I am talking about.) And they are so upset that this made Yahoo! headlines this morning. And no, this was not an April Fool’s joke. (By the way, there were some really good ones yesterday. Like the Michael Jackson 100 unreleased tracks hitting the Internet, Google Chrome in 3D, Warner Brothers purchasing the Pirate Bay, and BoldHeart Design filing for bankruptcy. And this leads to the great point my sweetie made about how everything we thought was funny, and worth paying attention to as far as the pranks go, was online. Think about it. Do you see a trent here?)

But this massive event, that was not a joke, has turned people sideways. And I have no idea why. This is not something unexpected and it happens all the time. But people are freaking out and throwing elbows about Wolverine (the new X-Men movie) dropping a couple weeks early. Hold your horses, a movie has hit the Internet before it dropped in the theater? No way. I do not believe it. (Sense the sarcasm?)

But why in the world do people care? I mean, if they do care, they should care for the fact they can see this movie from home, save ten bucks, and enjoy it on the couch with their cuddle bunny. (Yes, I have a cuddle bunny. Her name is Sophie.) And it is not like this is something new. This is not something that has not been happening for years. For instance, an old roommate of mine said to me one day, “Hey man, let’s watch a movie. Have you seen American Gangster?” Well of course I have not seen that movie. That movie did not come out for months. But, he had it. And not only did he have it, he had it in high quality. Not Blu-ray quality, but it was in DVD quality at least. But how? How did he get this movie, that does not hit the big screen for three months? The Internet, that’s how.

I do not partake in those kinds of illegal acts but it exists. It is happening more and more and more the further advanced we get, the smarter software we get, and the deeper we get into this recession. I mean, really, think about it. You have the option of watching a movie on your big screen on a Friday night and you do not have to leave your house, go to the theater, spend twenty bucks on the tickets, spend another twenty on the popcorn and drinks, and sit on a sticky floor in warm seats (yeah, that is not always a good thing) and worry about a cell phone going off, a person talking behind you, or a bay crying in the corner. Or, on the other hand, you throw in the movie, or just click play, and watch that same film on your TV at home. What would you do? Yeah, I thought so.

I just want to know why this is such a big deal. I want to know why people are bothered by the fact that a movie has dropped early. We either had a slow news day or this film has hit a nerve. By the way, did you see that NIN released a new record. It was produced by Timbaland.